I used to read many books throughout the week. Now, it seems, time has interrupted this process. So, as of today, I'll start something new and add the book titles I've read here and a few thoughts...

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December 2018

Sleeping Beauties by Owen King, Stephen King

It seems the King of Suspense has an offspring who wishes to write. This one is really L O N G. It's a great tale. In my opinion, some "stuff" could have been left out to make the tale. Just my considered opinion. Worth the read ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~

November 2018

Exploring Happiness by Sissela Bok

Got this book from the new Philosophy Instructor. It is a good read and chalked full of information on past Philosophers as it relates to happiness. I would say it is worth the read!

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October 2018

No real reading this month. Actually updated my own textbook for the VGD 121 course. As Unity updates (regularly), enough changes are made to the application that I must update the text. Retirement coming soon folks...then I can just teach what I want...when I want...and how I want!

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September 2018

Once Upon a Haunted Moor: The Tyack & Frayne Mysteries, Book 1 by Harper Fox

An Audible one. A series of Who Done It, with a twist of psychic abilities. Had to check it out! I think I'll try the next one to find if it moves as smoothly. I am liking the audibles. Thought I'd get through more books...Maybe I am...

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August 2018

The Outsider by Stephen King

An Audible one. A Stephen King Tale. It is very interesting to hear someone read the tale, instead of your own voice in the head. This was a typical Stephen King book. I found myself captivated through to the end.     

~~~ *** ~~~


The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer

An Audible one. I enjoyed this. There were a few "lovey-dovey" areas that could have been left out. Other than that, a fun "read".

Mastering Unity 2017 Game Development with C# by Alan Thorn

Another textbook. This is the second "Programming" class for the Video Game Development Certificate/Program. A better one than the first...Thank goodness! Great information within this one. A must if you are interested in Unity. Very fun textbook game.

~~~ *** ~~~

June 2018

The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels

This book was listened to through the Audibles App. Very interesting. It seems, all my life, I've been leaning towards Gnostic and never knew it! In any account, this book has some very interesting key components. If you are like me and get distracted very easily, it may be worth listening to a few times ;-D

Learning C# 7 By Developing with Unity 2017 - Third Edition by Michael DaGrace and Greg Lukosek

This book was adapted for a VGD course. The very beginning (Chapters 1 - 7) is great. I like how the present the ins and outs of the C# Language in laymen terms. 

When the reader gets to the actual game, the authors leave out steps and presume the reader has knowledge of Unity. This will be tested in the Fall 2018 Semester. Let's hope I supplied enough information so the students do not become frustrated. 

Another issue with the book is the code files. The "Project" is with a Robot, while the unity imported packages hold a green alien. There are also a few missing components within the package. It's unclear whether to grab the packages from the actual chapter code or the completed code package.

Would only recommend if you want to brush up on the later Unity Version. 

Jesus, Interrupted by Bart D. Ehrman

This book deals with the discrepancies within the New Testaments. Who really wrote these books? Why do some accounts have different tales? Why do some of the history within the men's country contradict who could write, and who could read? How were these transcripts ascribed? Did the author take out any words, or add their own. 

This is worth your read. I actually listened via Audibles.  

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April - May 2018

For these months, I read several books to view for textbooks, and to refresh my skills. I am actually getting tired of doing this. Am starting an Audible Account. Maybe I can get some more "reading" in. 

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February - March 2018

For these months, I read several books to view for textbooks, and to refresh my skills. I am actually getting tired of doing this. Am starting an Audible Account. Maybe I can get some more "reading" in. 

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January 2018

This month was filled with reading textbooks. The one read, and adopted, is the Mobile Game Development with Unity by Paris Butterfield-Addison and Jonathon Manning. Very good book for this specific task. Shows a 2D and a 3D Mobile Game Build. If you are into video game development...a must read.  

I also know I read one of my mysteries in this month. Not sure which author...or what book. That is bad...

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December 2017

The Baron's Box (Volume 1) by Mary Ann Clark

This one is written by a friend of mine. Her first "non-academic" piece. I LOVE IT. It is a must read folks. 

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November 2017

Bake Sale Murder by Leslie Meier
I had fun with this one. Thought I knew who done it...and...SURPRISE! This only happens with female murderers. Quite interesting...SHIT. Did I give it away?

~~~ *** ~~~

October 2017

Flipped for Murder by Maddie Day
Another fast read with a who done it theme. This hero is a woman with a small breakfast/lunch cafe. A few recipes at the end. Worth a read.

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September 2017

Know I read something!

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August 2017

A Wee Murder in My Shop by Fran Stewart
This is the first in a series. I actually read the second many moons ago. Easy read. Quick. Funny. Clean. 

Unity Character Animation with Mecanim by Jamie Dean
Another Textbook. Read this way back when I chose the book for the class. Just doing a little refresher. If you are into Unity, this is a good one for references.

Introducing HTML5 by Bruce Lawson
Not a bad book. Read this one while writing a Computer Science class. If you are new to programming or want to know how to build a webpage, this may be a good one for you.

~~~ *** ~~~

July 2017

Scents and Sensibility by Spencer Quinn 

The eighth in the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series. This one brings a new pup into the mix...and deals with Saguaro cactus thieves. The ending makes you think that there may not be any more tales...Worth the Read. Guaranteed to make you smile.

Starting Out with Programming Logic and Design by Gaddis Tony 
Only read if you need programming information. Used this one to assist in a lecture.

Object-Oriented JavaScript by Stoyan Stefanov Sharma and Chetan Kumar 
Another textbook read. Used to help with a lecture. Only read if you need to...

~~~ *** ~~~

June 2017

Paw and Order by Spencer Quinn 
This is the seventh in the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series. These are the funniest reads and leave you chuckling. This particular one deals with politics and spies. Worth the read. 

The Sound and the Furry by Spencer Quinn 
This is the sixth in the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series. I came upon one of these on a sales rack at Barnes and Noble and was happy to see the series had continued! If you look way down...You'll see I've been reading these year's ago. ANYWHOOOOOO. It's a tale told from the dog's point of view. If you have not read any of these...start! Worth the read. 

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May 2017

May was another one of those reading months full of textbooks and websites. I have to start writing these down so I can add here.

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April 2017

The Shack by William P Young 
I had to read this one as I enjoyed the movie so much. The book really brought things to light. Worth the read.

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March 2017

Blueberry Muffin Murder by Joanne Fluke 
A quick read for the hot tub. I am a huge fan of "who done its" and always enjoy reading these "Beach Books".  This one has some great recipes within and if you have a sweet tooth...It's for you. Worth a read. 

Sam's Teach Yourself Javascript Sixth Edition by Phil Ballard 
If you must...You must. Good one. Worth it.

~~~ *** ~~~

February 2017

The Serial Killer Whisperer by Pete Early 
 This was recommended by a fellow instructor. It is what he uses for his textbook in the "Serial Killer" class. Interesting how it is presented. Does show we have some real sick fuckers in our world. Worth a read. 

JAVASCRIPT: Easy JavaScript Programming for Beginners by Felix Alvaro For $1.99, I had to check it out. I teach this mess and look for anything to help me, help the students. Worth it if you need it... 

JAVASCRIPT: Easy JavaScript Programming for Beginners, Learn Coding Fast! by Ray Yao, Ruby C. Perl, Ada R. Swift 
Another $1.99 find to assist. Some of the content in this and the one above is a bit jumbled into several components; however, worth it if you need it.

~~~ *** ~~~


It seems that the last few months of 2016 had no books involved. This is a shame for I truly enjoy reading. It is a way to tap deep into that imagination and picturesque vision. Even with adding more posts, a goal this year is to read at least one book a month. Help me with this folks. Encourage me. 

Claws for Alarm T/C/ LoTempio 
 This was a fun read which involved a very intelligent cat! The author was at times overzealous on her descriptive paragraphs. That is, in my eyes. Many people enjoy that type of stuff. What was really awesome were the recipes throughout the book and at the end.  Worth the read.

~~~ *** ~~~

September 2016

In Plain Site  Tara Taylor Quinn 
Based in Flagstaff, Arid'Zona. Had to read since I am a "Zonie". A quick read which involves a prosecutor, and all the world that unravels around her. What I found interesting is that all the players did not win/lose. 

Wee Dose of Death  Fran Stewart 
What a great read of a "Who done it" with a twist of a ghost. This is a quick one and worth it. Very clean book.

~~~ *** ~~~

August 2016

Was very busy writing my own textbook. Nothing read...

~~~ *** ~~~ 

July 2016

I just want to say that I have looked back and seen a few things here that I did not write, or that are older versions. For this, I am truly sorry. I'll do my best to correct any wrongs. 

The Other of One - Book One Brian Burke 
 This is a tale of a young man in Ireland cast into a magical world when he falls and hits his head. It was not a quick read for me. At times, it felt as if there were more than one person writing the story. Places were in third person...and then first. Was good and a not expensive if purchasing for your Kindle. I have not found the second story yet...

English Tea Murder Leslie Meier 
A good who done it book to read very quickly during the Summer. I read mine in the Hot Tub. Worth the read.

~~~ *** ~~~ 

June 2016

Open and Shut David Rosenfelt
Nice story about an attorney and how he goes about a story and trying to save a man on death row. I'd say worth it just for this.

~~~ *** ~~~ 

May 2016

The Stitching Hour Amanda Lee 
This one was read mostly in the hot tub.  If I understand, this is one of many in a series. It was enjoyable. The main character a little gossipy for me. Not sure like this or not. It is suppose to be a part of her character...Anywhooo...Worth at least one read ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~ 

April 2016

Unity Animation Essentials Alan Thorn 
I really like this one. It is a companion to the other Mecanim book I use in the third Unity course. In fact, it is such an easy read with a wealth of information, I may think about changing the course to fit this one...I must be crazy. I am changing four other classes and bringing in one new. More work than most Directors/Faculty would take on...

Unity 5 From Zero to Proficiency (Foundations): A step-by-step guide to creating your first game in Unity Patricia Felicia 
I had to read this one as it is written by an instructor. She has great information in this little read. In fact, it met my needs so much, I will probably grab her other books.

~~~ *** ~~~ 

March 2016

I cannot believe I do not have a book here. Swear I read two other mysteries...

~~~ *** ~~~ 

February 2016

They Called Her Reckless: A True Story of War, Love and One Extraordinary Horse Janet Barrett 
Another fast read filled with the history behind the Korean War and one strong horse. I highly encourage you to read this one. You will be happy you did so.  Worth It ;-D 

Booked for Trouble Eva Gates 
This was the second in the series. I had this one figured out pretty quickly. This bums me, as it makes the decision tough to try the third.  We'll see. Once again, this is a very easy read and great for pool or beach ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~ 

January 2016

By Book or by Crook Eva Gates 
A lighthouse mystery read. Very fast read. Great setting and characters. I enjoyed this one and am reading the second in the series. I did think the main character is a little gullible. This does fit with the storyline...For this one, I thought I knew the killer right away. It appears this person was not involved in the, got me! Always love when that happens. In the next series, I am in Chapter Two and believe I know "who done it". We'll see if I am mistaken again... 

Snoop to Nuts Elizabeth Lee 
Another mystery novel. Very quick read and fun. I actually did not figure out the killer until the second half of the story. Great recipes in the end! I would say yes to a read ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~ 

December 2015

One Foot in the Grape (A Cypress Cove Mystery) Carlene O'Neil 
LOVED. So happy I opened this one. It was a Hot Tub read.  Great insight on the wine industry as well as a "who done it".  Can't wait to read the next one ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~ 

November 2015

Unity in Action Joseph Hocking 
Really like this one. In fact, like it so much, it will be in the textbook adoption for Fall of 2016. If you are working with Unity, this is a good one to grab ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~ 

October 2015

I feel strange when I come to this page. My reading has lessened and the movies increased. There are several variables behind this; however, I hope to switch back one day...soon...

~~~ *** ~~~ 

October 2015

Unity Character Animation with Mecanim Jamie Dean 
This is another textbook read. In fact, I have been waiting a year for this on to go to print. It should really assist the students. I am going to keep everything I had for the course without a text and just add this in...somehow, someway. If you are a user of Unity, this one is worth it.

~~~ *** ~~~ 

September 2015

Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovated Games Tracy Fullerton 
Another Textbook Read.... I think this is a good approach to game development. In fact, have it on the list as a textbook for a new class. The book is comprised of three components: Game Design Basics, Designing a Game, and Working as a Game Designer. Each part of the book is designed to walk you through a process of developing a "good" game. Worth it. 

The Little Green Book of Blarney: The Importance of Being Irish Ruth Cullen, Kerren Barba Steckler 
Just a little silly, historical, informative read. Had to get it since I went to Ireland this past Summer ;-D 

The Good Neighbor A.J. Banner 
This was a tale told from a first-person style story. The main character seemed a strong woman. As I read, she became more "needy" than I like. It was a free book from Amazon and was a quick read. The good thing about this story is descriptive writing. It is a wonderful thing when someone can bring an image to your mind of a home, or nature. This was a big pro and so to this, I say worth it.

~~~ *** ~~~ 

August 2015

The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving learning and teaching in a screen-capture world John Sener 
Not bad. Good information for improving any course, let alone online. I like the idea of using technology to improve and not just "because". Take Twitter for instance. This one could "discourage detailed thought and encourage succinct communication".  Love that line. Pretty much sums up the use of any technology. Pros and cons for everything. Worth it.

~~~ *** ~~~ 

July 2015

More textbook fun ;-D The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design Flint DIlle & John Zuur Platten 
I liked this one (another textbook look). This has some excellent topics and ideas. Just not what I wanted for the class. Perfect to read for the career choice. A must if you are going into Video Game Development.

~~~ *** ~~~ 

June 2015

More textbook fun ;-D Game Theory & Practice (Second Edition) Richard Rouse III 
This one was written a few years ago and the interviews conducted are with "old school" gamers.  This does not matter. It is a very good book and has some great qualities for those who are wanting to get into the career. Worth It ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
May 2015

May was filed with building classes and reading textbooks. I think I have most added below. There are a few I've read online that may get added here. I miss my reading of nothingness. In fact, I did get a couple of books to read via Nook.  
The Code of Extraordinary Change Steve Errey 
 Another book on making a positive change in our lives. If you have read one...You have read enough ;-D

Being Kind in an Unkind World BS Johnson 
Just a few things you could do to make a change in a world of Chaos. Most things I do anyway. Just common courtesy stuff. Think about it folks. Be kind to one another. This can make a world of Love. Give Love and Receive Love.

~~~ *** ~~~
April 2015

Stranded (Ivy Malone Series #4) Lorena McCourtney
What a pleasure to get back to the "LOL" of Ivy Malone. This one continued on to show she was still quite the detective.  The ending of the book left it wide open as to whether she settles down, or continues to travel. After I update this page and the movies page, I am off to see if a fifth one has been written...

~~~ *** ~~~
March 2015

The New Guy in Moon Base Twelve Tom Lichtenberg
It just seemed to be a Tom Lichenberg kinda month ;-D This was a pretty funny tale of settlers to the moon who find a new man sleeping in Base Twelve. The reader is taken on a journey of the reactions between persons and how they go about resolving this unexplained circumstance. Have I told you that most of this man's books are FREE... 

All Geeked Up Tom Lichtenberg
The book has three short stories about technology and the testing of such technologies. It was very crazy as the stories seemed to melt together into one larger tale. I have read many of this author's books. They are affordable (usually FREE) and entertaining. I have yet to find grammatical errors so his proofer should be rewarded! I say this last sentence for many FREE books are written in a hurry and never proofed or edited...

Basics of Game Designs Michael Moore
This is one I have decided to use for The Game Design courses; the ones needed to write Game Design Documents. It has wonderful information and great tools for exercises.  It will be the text for FOUR classes.

~~~ *** ~~~
February 2015

I know I read a few other Unity books and will do my best to find these titles and share what is out there. In the vast pile of technology books, I have also acquired Maya books as well. Will let you know how these work out ;-D

Unity Android Development by Example Thomas Finnegan
This is one I have decided to use for my next class in Unity (Mobile Device Development). It is simple to follow and has great ideas and games for development. Just hope the class enjoys ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
January 2015

Unity for Absolute Beginners Sue Blackman
Sue Blackman does a great job at introducing Unity. I do believe however, this to be a little advanced for users. She explores areas that are available to Pro users only. This is advanced. I mean, I use this application but will not be paying $1500 for a PRO version. I do enjoy her definitions and explanations for the C# scripting.

~~~ *** ~~~
December 2014

Unity 4.x Game Development by Example Ryan Henson Creihjton
Still on the search for a textbook for some classes at Yavapai College. This one has some great pros to it as it is written with UnityScript (a form JavaScript), and also houses the C# language with explanations. It has great games to create and many are simple to start with and then can be added to for more interest. The author does get "witty" a bit too much. Could move to a textbook; however, the cost is a factor. The Sam's runs around $30 and can be used in many classes (up to four). This one is $40 (Kindle is $20) and can be used in two classes. I do like the amount of information he places into the text on Artificial Intelligence. Struggling students may have an issue with the cost though...If you are looking for a Unity book to try simple games, read this one.

~~~ *** ~~~
November 2014

Reality is Broken: Why games make us better and how they can change the world Jane McGonigal
Interesting perspective on games and how these ideas can help structure the world around us.  It was one of those I read a little at a time during other books. If you want a reality check...Read this one.

Murder on the Mind L.L. Bartlett
An interesting point of view from a man who receives a skull fracture from a mugging. He begins to see, hear, and know things he cannot make sense of. If was a great read and I hope to read another. Could be a series... 

Happy Slumbers Tom Lichtenberg This is the series about Dragon Alley. I cannot remember if it is the third or fourth. I think the third.  I enjoy these tales of the unknown. These are written in a younger readers fashion and could be read by those in middle school up. Worth it.

~~~ *** ~~~
October 2014

On the Run Lorena McCourtney   The third in the Ivy Malone Series. I truly enjoy these funny, clean, and intelligently written tales. Definitely worth it. In fact, just purchased #4 in the Series. 

Sam's Teach Yourself Unity Game Development in 24 Hours Mike Geig This one is awesome. It tells it like it is. I really like the flow of this and am looking at using it for four classes. The downside is the book utilizes the C# Language and I teach the Javascript Language. I could change this and easily incorporate the language. Will research others and think about this aspect. Worth it.

~~~ *** ~~~
September 2014

I've been reading a lot of textbooks to review for classes I am building as well as thinking of rebuilding. I'll start adding these here as well. 

Video Game Development with Unity Course I Bruce Kirkpatrick   This is the text we use now. It is not to the version of Unity the students use and can be confusing for them. I've gone through to find the components which do not match up and have made a file based on these changes. We'll use this book once more and I'll be replacing the text with something different. This is a good book though...Worth it.

~~~ *** ~~~
August 2014

The Energy of Happiness Don Nenninger 
Another How-To book on gathering energy to make happiness. This is basically a common sense kind of thing...If you are into How it...If not...Let it go ;-D

Marked Kim Richardson
Another series of tales. This was a fast read and kept my interest. More for the young. Why do I keep getting these?! Anywhoooooo A tale of Guardian Angels and Demons. Very interesting...and FREE. Worth it. Flower Beds James Hampton A fast read of where our world is going and how many will want to live. It is a fast read and FREE. Worth it.

~~~ *** ~~~
July 2014

Dress for Success Voice Writer 
This is a tale by someone who probably writes with their voice. As the Author's name may imply. It was adult in nature and not the best I've read through the freebies on Barnes and Noble...Save yourself some time here. Always hate to say that about something someone took time to write... 

Ghost in the Wall Tom Litchenberg 
Another by Mr. Litchenberg. This one really got you to think about what was happening in the story. Very short and very deep. Worth reading.

~~~ *** ~~~
June 2014

10:15 J Dean 
A very short tale of suspense. The story starts very innocently and ends with the reader wondering if the star attraction had a dream of if the nightmare is just beginning. Great read before bed...Sweet Dreams ;-D

Prisoner of Perfection Tom Lichtenberg 
This was the second in a series.  I am reading the tales backward. It will be ok. Seems just like watching Star Wars ;-D Anywhoooo. You know my likes of this author by now. If you have young children at home, they may enjoy this...and they are FREE. 

The End of the Line Tom Lichtenberg 
This was the third in a series. It seemed I misunderstood and started with this one. As always, this author writes to a younger audience (in my considered opinion). These books are still good and quick reads when looking for something that can be started and stopped without confusion. Worth it ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
May 2014

Dragon Town Tom Lichtenberg 
This was the third in a series. I seemed to have missed number two...A very fast read with a crazy ending. It is meant more for the younger reader. It seems all his book are FREE. Worth the cost ;-D 

An Introduction to Meditation Mr. Jeremy Smith 
Another "how to meditate" book. They all follow the same philosophy. To just begin and begin slowly if needed. This one also shared different ways to relax. 

Abandoned Vanessa Finaughty 
Another quick read. A very short tale of suspense and terror. Worth a quick look.

Apathetically Ever After Mia Darien 
A very short 25 pager. Possibly good for young teens.

~~~ *** ~~~
April 2014

The Ice Diamond Cuff (Custodial Novel #4) Alison Pensy   The last of this series. Very short book, about 250 pages...I think the whole series could have been one large book. Just my considered opinion. A great tale for young readers. Very "clean". If you have teenagers who like fantasy, this is a good, affordable series. 

The Cypher Wheel (Custodial Novel #3) Alison Pensy   I decided to complete the series of tales by this author as I have read the first two. This is a short book, about 222 pages. Can be read in one sitting. Same as the other two. There are areas that really intrigue the reader and a few that could use a little "something". I am not an author so cannot really figure this out...If you start the series...GO ahead and finish. I have one more to go...

Hostile Witness Rebecca Forster   This book was about a lawyer and her efforts to show the court that a young girl with OCD is innocent of murder. Apparently, this is the first in a series. I did not know this. I enjoyed the story very much. About 750 pages of quick reading. I may even get the next in line ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
 March 2014

The Blood that Bonds Christopher Buecheler
 Just another vampire read. It was pretty good. Not sure I'll pay for the second in the series...We'll see. It was a quick read and worth the cost...FREE.

~~~ *** ~~~ February 2014

In Plain Sight (Ivy Malone Series #2) Lorena McCourtney
 This is the second in the LOL (Little Old Lady) series. It's fun to read a mystery novel with no cursing and hints of Jesus Christ. This "Sleuth" is like none you have ever read about. There were a few areas that made no sense when you think of persons and their ages...Anyway...I bought #3 to read later. That's how much I enjoy the "escape".

~~~ *** ~~~
January 2014

Sneaky Tricks for snagging dates and meeting people John Harold McCoy
 I thought this book was hilarious. I mean, the author even knew he was presenting a topic that should be common since. Very quick read...and if you are a teen, maybe read it now. 

Escaping the Matrix Edwin Harkness Spina
 An interesting, quick read on how we are trapped in our own world. Steps on how to start focusing on what is our true inner voice. This book helps to distinguish between the ego and the higher self. Worth the read. 

Shut the Fuck Up and Create Your Fucking Art Garrett Robinson
 He actually says that! Talk about in your face.  The author states that there really is nothing stopping each one of us from creating and presenting our work in this day. It's short and a quick read.

~~~ *** ~~~
December 2013

An Introduction to Meditation Sarah Haywood
 Another self-help book to set me on the right track. This one states what all the rest do. There are some great ideas for visuals in helping specific areas of your life. It's FREE and worth at least a once over... 

The Art of Saying No Charlene Richard
 This is one that tells the same tale of how to say no and feel good about. Saying no without guilt. They all (books about saying no) say the same thing; however, it's always good to remind yourself how and when ;-D 

Ready Player One Ernest Cline
 This is the first novel by Cline and I can tell you it was a great read. It took me a LONG time to read the book below this one.  Ready Player One went a lot quicker! Of course, the topic is what I like...Virtual environments and gaming. I am not a gamer; however, I teach Video Game Development. It interests me as how these two computers generated worlds can bring teaching and learning to a whole new arena. The tale here is of a young man and his trials and tribulations of trying to find an "Easter Egg" hidden within the Oasis by its creator. The finder is awarded the world and a great deal of money. The tale brings to yoyourreed, battles and in the midst...a love story. This is worth the read ;-D 

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austin One of "the classics".
It was a tough read for me as it is not one of the genres I lean toward.  I've been trying to go through a few to understand why they are classic. This one took me on a journey of how women were in earlier days. How they perceived themselves and others. What their role was...Interesting history for me. I'd say it's worth reading once ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~

November 2013

Trends in Educational Technology (Fifth Edition) Donald P Ely OK.
This one was a bathtub read. It just states the obvious in the world of technology as it relates to 2002. I'd have to steer you in a different direction if you want trendy educational technology ;-D Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else Geoff Colvin
 This one goes into scientific study behind how we process out thoughts to achieve goals. In a quick sentence, it means practice, practice, practice. It was interesting to read ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
October 2013

The Labyrinth Kenneth McDonald
 Interesting story. Very "Harry Potter" like. It kept me interested enough to finish. You might enjoy. The price is right ;-D 

Veiled Eyes C.L. Bevill
 I could have sworn I wrote  about this tale last month...Guess not. This was a world of mystery, mythical, and magical beings. It is an easy read and by an author I have read before. This person can write great tales that create visuals that bring you into the world you are reading about. There were a few parts in this that I could have done without...That's just me. It's worth the FREE read folks. I'll be reading more from this author...Maybe the "Bubba" series though...

~~~ *** ~~~
September 2013

Bonded Nicky Charles
 This is the first of a series I read waaaaayyyyy back in January.  The story is about "weres" and how they function in society without humans knowing they exist.  They have some great parts in the story and some not so great. It's an easy, quick read and if you enjoy tales of creatures, it's worth the read. Please note there are sexual acts involved within these tales. Wolves are unique in that way ;-D 

A Feast of Flesh: Tales of Zombies, Monsters, and Demons Aaron Polson This was full of several short stories. True to its title, there were ghouls galore. Some were better than others. Those that were "good" could indeed scare the crap out of you! It's FREE. Go ahead and Read ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
August 2013

The Unsuspecting Mage (Morcyth Saga Series #1) Brian S. Pratt Interesting tale of two worlds which collide. I found myself at times wondering how the character gained so much "knowledge" in his short time within the mythical world. It was a good read and I couldn't wait to read more each day. Not sure if it was good enough to purchase the nest series...We'll see what the future holds.

~~~ *** ~~~
July 2013

War of the Worlds H.G. Wells
 Wow! Why hadn't I read this one before?! What a great book. The vivid words took you through the tormented hell of the first narrator. I can say this is a great read if you have not experienced it before. 

The Life Codes Patty Harpeneau
 This read as a lesson from another realm. Nice information. It seems to be "code" we could all live by.  This is worth a look at and worth really contemplating on what you have read.  It could become a better world.

~~~ *** ~~~
June 2013

The Thirteenth Unicorn W. D. Newman T
his one was well written.  It is a tale for younger readers; however, I thought any age could love this one. It had all the "magic" you could have in one tale. There were elves, dwarves, shape shifters, witches, goblins and more! It was a wonderful story. In fact, I can't wait to find out what else happens in Ben and Casey's world ;-D 

The Hunter Jason Pinter   I was not sure if this was a full story or partial  The reader was left wondering what was happening.  I was unsure as to whether the story ended or whether it would go on. It was written well...Just unsure there...Maybe if a reader starts at the beginning it would be worth it. 

The Time Machine H.G. Wells
 I cannot believe that I never read this book! What a great tale of suspense. This one is written in a picturesque view. Very descriptive writing. You feel as if you are there in the world of the time traveler. Worth every minute reading! Go get it now if you have never read it! sorry I waited so long to read it...  

Less than a year to live RJ Reilly
 This one was found on 
AuthorStand. A quick read that gets your heart racing. What would you do if you had less than a year to live? How would you ensure your family is taken care of? This is worth the read and is short... 

Alleyman Darren Kasenkow
 Another short tale of "terror". It was not as frightening as it sounds; however, left me thinking that the main character was not all that bad. Was he on earth to assist or to exterminate.  Very interesting. Makes me want to seek more by this author and see what rolls around in his brain...

~~~ *** ~~~
May 2013

Another Man's Wife plus 3 other tales of horror David Bernstein OK.
This was a quick read and not too bad. A couple of the tales really made me think about life and people. It's a short read and worth it if you like this genre.

A Killer Smile Jack Ivey
 This one was found on AuthorStand. A great site if you have never been there. This takes minutes to read; only two paragraphs! I enjoyed...Worth a peek.

Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies Michelle Pacansky-Brock
 I picked this one up at the Sloan-C conference. A must have for those teaching in today's Community Colleges. There were mostly things within that I already work with. There were some new and exciting options available as well. Sometimes I would read about an application I know; yet, a different way to use these was brought into play. This was worth the read...and a quick one. Be sure to have your highlighter and stick-ems ;-D 

Invisible (Ivy Malone Series #1) Lorena McCourtney
 This was a tale of a "not the usual" investigator. It is a story of an older woman who finds herself alone after her best friend died (natural causes).  She then starts investigating a recent vandalism of a cemetery, staying alone at night to catch the culprits.  During this time, a younger friend is found murdered.  In a crazy twist, everything becomes entwined into one. This is a quick read and brings God and Church into the mix. I look forward to #2; In Plain Sight. 

The Emerald Staff (Custodial Novel #2) Alison Pensy
 A follow of the last book. Interesting tale. Now brought into the mix are Dragons. This takes the reader through many emotions. I found it very interesting that the main character is in college yet, when in a test, a bell rings for the class to be over. Is this something that England Institutions have? Anyway, these book have a great way of providing colorful words for the reader to feel they are in the world with Faedra. There are more in the series and I'll be reading them as well ;-D 

The Amulet (Custodial Novel #1) Alison Pensy
 This was a tale of fairies and otherworldly realms. It held my attention for 400 plus pages! There were a few areas that shifted from one place to the next without explanation and a few pages that could have been omitted. Based on the title, you can see there is more than one in a series. I will actually look up the second and let you know how it goes. This one is worth the read. Would be a good one for Teens...

~~~ *** ~~~
APRIL 2013

Three Ghost Stories Charles Dickens 
 This one was very strange. It definitely showed a side of Dickens that was twisted. I think he may have been the Stephen King of the past...I actually listened to these tales while diving 426 miles through a desert during a high wind and thunderstorm. This added to the fear factor I must add. Though these reads may not be for everyone, for they are written in what I call "old english" (my term). It was worth the read (hearing) for me, for this is the genre I prefer...The audio books are free at: 

Dark Legacy Anna DeStefano
 Interesting story of psychic abilities and lucid dreaming. Short story, about 240 pages and quick to read. I was mesmerized through most of this. Worth the read. 

A Cat Was Involved" A Chet and Bernie Mystery eShort Story Spencer Quinn
 This one was a tale to reflect on when Bernie and Chet first met. You may have remember me mentioning these books a few months ago. There were five that I read. Stories from the dog's point of view. Very ingenious of the author. This one is short and sweet...Worth the read.

~~~ *** ~~~
MARCH 2013

A Chunk of Hell Steven Sidor
 This one followed no path. I could not tell if it was three stories I read or one with three characters. The writing was good; the stories were good...Just no flow. Went from one thing to the next with no connections. This author will be good in time...Read only if you want mindless time. 

The Smart Swarm Peter Miller
 This is not something I would have chosen to read myself. This is a book from a Book Review session at my place of employment. Though it is not in the genre I often choose, it proved very interesting. 

The Last Lecture Randy Pausch Beautiful story and is worth every moment you spent reading it. A true hero and honorable being.

~~~ *** ~~~

Haunted on Bourbon Street Deanna Chase
 This one had everything from Dream Walking to Wiccan. It takes place in New Orleans and goes deep into the mists of the supernatural. There are hosts galore! It hd more ups than downs. I'd have to say it was an OK read. 

A Prison Tale Scott Gibbs   This is a short story which takes the reader into the mind of a man who killed his wife. The prison has decided to try a new method to reform prisoners. This takes the reader into the dark side of a sick man's mind. It is a quick read; however, may not be for everyone. 

Sincerely, Jesus Edward Goble   This is the author's viewpoint on what the letters from Christ meant to the churches (people) after His resurrection.  Very interesting. I may need to download more of this author's work. Worth a read ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~

Heller JD Nixon
 Trapped in another world of a series of books! I guess this happens when you purchase so many free books. This one is about a security business. I love"who done its" so I enjoyed this one. It had a few unnecessary parts and the main character gets into a lot of mischief. I read it quickly and was mesmerized in many areas. I would say it is worth it ;-D 

The Finding Nicky Charles
 This is a third in the series  I liked this one better than the second. There seemed to be some story line that kept that me intrigued. If you read one...You should read all. Seems to be something I do ;-D 

The Keeping Nicky Charles
 This is a second in a series. I was not as impressed. It proved to be longer and had more child-like antics. A lot of whining and aggression  I am down for the count and in bed so it was read quickly. IN fact, have the third here to read. My hopes are for more adventure and hair raising scenes. We'll see what it brings ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~ December 2012

The Mating Nicky Charles
 This is a first in a series. It is a tale of "Weres" and their lives in the modern world around us. I enjoyed the style of writing and the descriptions of the landscape. This made me feel I was in this fantasy world. There were some parts that made me blush. It keeps your attention and is worth a read ;-D 

Hide in Plain Site: The Three Sisters Inn Marta Perry
 A short story with suspense. When a series of "accidents" start happening in a small Amish community, the reader discovers the town is not as quaint as it seems. For me, it was easy to discover "who done it" by the foreshadowing of the writings. It's quick and easy to read ;-D 

Irresistible Forces Christina Jackson  A short tale of ghosts and WWI. It moves quickly and soundly. I'd say worth a read for a bedtime story ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
November 2012

Irresistible Forces Brenda Jacksone   My first Halequin Romance. I can remember a friend of mine reading one of these a day! It was pure smut people. The author had a colorful way of writing and I can see how women can get addicted to these novels...Worth one read if you have never experienced a romance novel ;-D 

Santa's Little Red Spaceship Jason Shultz   This is one for the little people. It is a tale of future life with Santa taking on the galaxy, delivering Christmas toys to all the planets. The little ones will love it...Worth the read ;-D 

416 Adam Silfre   This one is full of 68 Chapters of stories with only 416 words per tale of terror. Each is written from a different person. There were a few that made me say...What the &%#@?! Then there were others that really made you think...Worth the read ;-D 

Fistful of Collar Spencer Quinn   The fifth of the series. Just as fun as the first! Chet the Jet is on another  murder mystery. This tale brings Hollywood into Bernie's world, and a cat into Chet's.  This one I liked...Worth the read ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
October 2012

The Dog that Knew Too Much Spencer Quinn   The fourth of the series. Just as fun as the first! Chet, the dog, is on another missing person's adventure. This time involvement is with a child, gold nuggets and the beautiful Colorado landscape.  Worth the read ;-D 

To Fetch a Thief Spencer Quinn   The third of the series. Just as fun as the first! Chet, the dog, is on another missing person's adventure. This time it's an elephant who has disappeared.  Worth the read ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~ September 2012

Watching Her Every Move Diane DeRicci   One of those freebies...Don't waste your time... 

Apocalypse Soup Kitchen A.W. Wilson   A very quick read of the Zombie Apocalypse. Has a humorous twist and visual detail. If this is what you are into...Worth the read ;-D 

Thereby Hangs a Tail Spencer Quinn   The second of the series. Just as fun as the first! Chet, the dog, is on another missing person's adventure. This one takes you to the desert and back.  Pretty good tale (pardon the pun). Worth the read ;-D 

Dog On It Spencer Quinn   The first of a series and the first of many I will read of this author's. Very fun. It's another detective story with a twist. The partner is a dog and the story is from the dog's point of view. If you are a dog lover, you have to get this one! Worth the read ;-D 

Don't Blink (Preview) James Patterson   I  added the preview for I did not know if was a preview! Started reading away. Very fast moving story. I was really into it. Now I'll have to purchase the whole book...I would have to say it's worth it ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
August 2012

The Lurking Fear H.P. Lovecraft
 I cheated a bit on this one. It was actually an audio version produced on an old time radio broadcast. I listened while working on a computer project. I actually enjoyed! Worth the listen ;-D 

The Confession: A Novel John Grisham V
ery intriguing book. I was mesmerized from page one. An interesting look at capital punishment in our country. Worth the read... 

Using Comic Arts to Improve Speaking, Reading and Writing Steve Bowkett, Tony Hitchman
 This one took the comic strip in a whole new direction. The authors look at this topic with a more K-12 viewpoint. Being in Higher Education,  it took some imagination to incorporate the thinking into assignments. Very fun book with great ideas...and templates! Worth the read...

~~~ *** ~~~
July 2012

Serial Blake Couch, Jack Kilborn
 These two hooked up and wrote of two serial killers who's paths cross. It was brutal reading and left some bad images in my brain...I would say worth it if you like thrillers... 

Puppy Dog Tales Alice V   Short tales told from the dog's perspective. Worth it if you love dogs...

Syndrome Thomas Hoover   I enjoyed this book all the way to the last few pages. It could be believable (with the exception of a few paragraphs) the way written until you get to that last chapter! Still a pretty good read. A few grammatical errors...I would say worth a go through once round...

~~~ *** ~~~
June 2012

Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey Series) Julie Kagawa   A very short read which is filled with humor and conflict. Worth the quick look.

~~~ *** ~~~
MAY 2012

Alinora Kara Lockley   A setting in the physical world and the dream world. The two collide and become one. Interesting short read. 

Cain's Apples Brian Lee   A short tale of man's greed and unnecessary wants. It's worth the quick read.

Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo Heather Wardell   This tale takes the reader on a journey through the eyes o f a woman making changes in her life. Some of the changes com easily and others take more time to resolve. It's a quick, mindless read which may provide you with some of your own ideas.

~~~ *** ~~~
APRIL 2012

Dawn of Avalon Anna Elliott   Another tale about Morgane and Merlin...Oh yes...Arther and Uther...This one was a quick read and another viewpoint to the whole story. Unlike Mists of Avalon the story is quick and to the point. Sitting by the pool or at the beach? Read it there...

~~~ *** ~~~
MARCH 2012

Short Stories for Older, and Not Quite So Old, Children Dandi Palmer Definitely geared more toward the young. Terms in the book were related to British styles. I was not too impressed...but then again...I am older...

Girls to the Rescue Book #1: Tales of Clever, Courageous Girls from Around the World Bruce Lansky   Another tale of stories geared toward the young at heart. I actually liked a few of these. Nice stories with an honest outcome. Worth reading to your children...or to be read by a preteen daughter... 

The Help: a novel Kathryn Stockett   What a great read. This one kept my attention from beginning to end. I was a little upset that it came to an end. I highly recommend the read! Looking forward to the movie... 

When Night Falls Margaret Daily   A very short story with a "who done it" feel. Quick and easy. Great read for a waiting room ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~
February 2012

Last Breath Michael Prescott   Fast read. This one was not what I thought. The "Bad" in here began as "The Boogeyman". The young child in the beginning grows to a police officer and is forced to face her fear once again. I would say this is worth it! 

Healing with Fairies: Messages, Manifestations, and Love from the World of Fairies Doreen Virtue   My first "Lend Me! To read. How cool is this feature! This author mentions The Course in Miracles several times. She is a writer who used channeling to get words to paper. This story is how she learns of fairies, imps and other small creatures who help u sin this world. I would say...worth it! 

Renegade Robot Tom Lichtenberg   This is my second book by this author. I really enjoy his writing style. It's quick to read and always has that right amount of humor and drama. This tale is about a time after the robots "cleaned our mess". With only 133 pages of's a quick read. I think you'll enjoy ;-D

~~~ *** ~~~

Second Lives: A journey through virtual lives Tim Guest   I read this book a few years ago; maybe four. It was when I first ventured into the worlds of pixelated people. I really did not fully understand the book then. It was worth a reiteration. Tim Guest points out many MMORPs and the pros and cons of each. He even dives into all areas of the virtual environments to bring us, the readers, the real story. If you are into, or studying, these worlds, it's worth a check out. 

Digital 3D Design: The use of 3d applications in the digital graphics design Simon Danaker   This is a good one if you are adventuring into the 3D world. It explains all the areas of primitives and modeling aspects. The author dives into a few applications used to create these pixelated pieces. Lots of pictures ;-D 

Bubba and the Dead Woman C.L. Bevil   Great read. This one had me interested the whole way through! It had humor and intelligence all rolled up in one big, southern style murder, who done it. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the silliness of crime scene dramas...and it's FREE!

~~~ *** ~~~

Being Virtual: Who you really are online Davey Winder
 Interesting take on the online world. This book touches on chats, social networks and virtual environments. Quick read. The author brings his "attitude" to white pages and keeps you interested. Worth a trip to the library ;-D 

The Unofficial Guide to Building Your Business in Second Life Virtual World Sue Martin Mahar and Jay Mahar
 Written in 2009. Needs a few up dates here and there on the "techie stuff". Good if you are looking to bring the physical world and virtual world together. Good read ONLY if you are a business major person or would like a little business sense. 

The Monster in the Box H. Jason Schultz
 A quick read. Short and kind of sweet. The ending is really not what you expect! It's a FREE read for the Nook. Worth it ;-D 

Where the Sky Ends Gloria Piper   Another FREE read from Barnes and Noble. I found the story a bit sad. It has total truth to it; yet, is written in a mythical setting. The cost is good for the read. 

Dracula Bram Stoker   Another FREE read from Barnes and Noble. A classic tale. For me, it lulled me to sleep land. There were parts that were gripping and kept me ready for me...then there were those that just made the eyelids heavy. It should be read at least once in a lifetime. 

How to Write a Great Book and Get It Published Tome Evans   Worth the read. There are excellent resources here for the novice and the educator. Another Freebie for the Nook! Worth it ;-D 

Demon Girl Penelope Fletcher   This is the first of a three part series. First is free through Barnes and Noble. An adventure into the world of fairies, vampires, shifters, and many other creatures. The author has a great imagination; she just needs a proof reader!. There are times when the reader finds themselves thrust into a place which just appears out of nowhere. Worth the read ;-D 

Snapdragon Alley Tom Lichtenberg   I found myself completely wrapped in this tale of a young man in search of a bus route which no one seems to know of; yet, it is on an older map from his Uncle who disappeared. I loved every minute of this tale...and it's FREE for the Nook. Worth it ;-D 

Second Life Tom Cantrell   The first to be paid for on the Color Nook. Being a small $1.99, it did not disappoint me. A story which leads to secret work and second chances.  It kept me quite entertained; though, I was not thrilled with the ending. Worth the read. 

Demon Day Penelope Fletcher   Number two in the three part series. It was a small fee to purchase for the Nook and worth the read in my opinion. Once again, Ms. Fletcher needs to get a better proof reader. Someone who understands grammar and flow. Even through all this, the book is still worth your pennies ;-D 

Remedial Magic Jenna Black S
ave your time here. A story of a young girl being introduced to her "fae" family. One of those books that has to bring the subject matter into light that everyone else enjoys. It's free; however, this reader feels it was not up to par... 

Demon Dark Penelope Fletcher   The last of three part series. Another small fee to pay for the final chapters of Rae, the main character of the book. I was thrilled when reading the fight scenes and the action...Not so happy with the ending. Felt it was too storybook. Usually, when I am unhappy with an ending, this is why...All in all, to complete the series, you might as well read it.

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