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Just a new page as the other is taking on a life of its own. I'll start with the End of April 2018...

I often forget to post and try to go back in time and add missed viewings. I know I've missed many and will try to be a better blogger with this...

November 2018

God Knows Where I Am
Directed by Jedd Wider, Todd Wider

This documentary will fill your heart. What a tale of a mental disorder, and how it can take over one's life. I felt the pain in the family as they spoke. Worth a watch for sure. 3.5 Hats
Directed by Gareth Evans

Watched this one on Dia De Los Muertos. Very cool. An "Irish" flick. It had its good and bad parts. Some were you knew what was about to happen. A typical "scary" theme. This one also had some "what was that?!" parts. Worth a watch. 3.0 Hats

October 2018

Directed by Rizal Mantovani

Interesting foreign film. I am starting to enjoy these even more than the "American Made" Films. This one used great directing, allowing shadows, lines, and colors to give emotion. 3.0 Hats
14 Cameras
Directed by Scott Husian, Seth Fuller

This one followed that 13 Cameras movie which I found interesting...and frightening. It's one of those "who is watching you?" types of movies. This is worth at least one view... 2.5 Hats
The Birds
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Always a classic. Love watching Alfred Hitchcock Movies...and the Television Show. He was a brilliant Director; a little too fond of the blondes for me...Great movie. 4.5 Hats
Devil's Advocate
Directed by Taylor Hackford

In the October Month, I try to watch a thriller a day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Had to watch this one AGAIN for the season. Great movie. 4.0 Hats
Ready Player One
Directed by Steven Spielberg

Shared this one with my Video Game Development I Class. Was the last day, and what better movie to watch. If you read the book, and I recommend that you do, you will notice some changes. My second time to view. The first time was in the theater. 3.5 Hats
The 3rd Eye
Directed by Rocky Soraya

A foreign film via Netflix. Liked this one! Wow. Not sure why "but" I was spellbound on this one. Great directing. Great camera shots. 4.0 Hats
The Most Assassinated Woman in the World
Directed by Franck Ribiere

A foreign film via Netflix. Liked this one! It pays homage to the theater. Was happy I hit the play 3.5 Hats
Awaken the Shadowman
Directed by JS Wilson

A very strange tale of family and dark secrets. A crazy ending for me. Thought I had guessed where the director would go...2.5 Hats

September 2018

Directed by Patricio Valladares

Another Netflix Movie. Not too bad. If you have sleep issues and want a fright, try it. Not my favorite, however, had great parts. 2.0 Hats

Directed by Ravi Udyawar

Another foreign film via Netflix. Impressive. I thought it would be one to put me to sleep, however, I was transfixed. I wanted these persons to receive harm. Men released from a crime in a Male-Dominated Country. The women get it done! Was surprised by the officer at the end...3.5 Hats

The Promise
Directed by Sophon Sakdaphist

A foreign film via Netflix. I am really liking the Japanese movies. This one did not let me down. Enjoyed to the end. 3.0 Hats

Directed by Dennis Iliadis

A very crazy, mental, head trip movie. Worth a watch in the wee hours. 2.0  Hats  

August 2018

The Lodgers
Directed by Bruam O'Malley

This one is one chosen during a drunken stooper. Just kidding...was up late and could not sleep. I actually fell asleep during this movie. It's really too bad for it looks like it could be a good one! An Irish Tale. I do like the Irish. They can spin a story so well. I'll watch again during October and provide a score then. 

July 2018

Directed by Uga Carlini

This one is more of a Documentary of the events that surrounded Alison Botha. This is very well done, and can show to you that we can, against all odds, overcome. WATCH THIS ONE. 4.0 HATS 

Dead Like Me: Life After Death
Directed by Stephen Herek

This is my third time to watch this movie. Back in the day, I used to watch the series faithfully. The cast of characters just fit in my world. If you do not mind death, and cursing, this is one for you. 4.0 HATS 

NOTE: If you ever have the chance to view the series...DO SO!

The Red Baron
Directed by Nikolai Mullerschon

Before I write my thoughts, the hubby loved this, and gave it a 3.5 Hats. For myself, I thought the acting was good. The scenes of the plane fights was GREAT. Loved that. I did feel that "Hollywood" took some FACTUAL history out. They stayed pretty true to history though. 3.0 HATS 

Directed by Mark Palansky

A very interesting tale of what our memories can show. This one has a strange feel to it. Didn't love...Didn't hate it. Good acting. 2.5 HATS 

June 2018

6 Souls
Directed by Michael Cooney

Finally. One to keep my interest. 2.5 HATS 

Righteous Kill
Directed by Jon Avnet

Huge fan of many of these actors. Just not the best movie. 2.5 HATS 

Directed by Dennis Bartok

One to help me fall asleep... 2.0 HATS 

I Am Not a Serial Killer
Directed by Billy O'Brien

I enjoyed this one, all the way to the last few minutes. Was really expecting a different ending. 2.5 Hats

The Mechanic
Directed by Simon West

An action flick to watch with the hubby. Not too bad. Is my second time to see. Lots of action. 2.5 HATS 

Directed by Ari Aster

Went to the big screen for this one. Wish I had saved my monies. Even fell asleep...twice. 1.0 HATS 

****************************************************************The Last Castle
Directed by Rod Lurie

Not sure how many times I have seen this movie. Always a good one. 3.0 HATS 

Saints and Soldiers
Directed by Ryan Little

This is one I would probably not have chosen. The hubby wanted to review did. This is a very well done movie. Parts are unrealistic. Parts are very realistic. 3.0 HATS 

Directed by Paul Haggis

A real look at Bigotry and Racism. 4.0 HATS 

****************************************************************Just Getting Started
Directed by ???

I am a HUGE fan of Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones. This movie however, failed to show their talents. 1.5 HATS 

Directed by Berry Levison

This is my second time to view this flick. A very emotional movie. Great cast of characters. Heavy topic. 5.0 HATS 

An Inspector Calls
Directed by Asling Walsh

Another BBC goodie. 4.0 HATS 

****************************************************************The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: The Murder At Road Hill House
Directed by James Hawes

Very well done. Of course BBC knows how to do a mystery/drama. 4.0 HATS 

****************************************************************Out of Thin Air
Directed by Dylan Howett

Documentary of a past, brutal movie in Iceland. 2.5 HATS 

May 2018

Directed by Bryn Higgins

A tale of family love. The main character has epilepsy and this movie follows her through a journey away from her comfort zone. 3.0 HATS

Department Q: A Conspiracy of Faith
Directed by Hans Petter Molan

A Three Ring Movie Series, based on a Book by (will try and remember to add here). Not too bad. 3.0 HATS

Let Me In
Directed by Matt Reeves

An OK flick for a night in bed...2.0 HATS

April 2018

Purple Rain
Directed by Albert Magnoli

Saw this on the BIG SCREEN. Was never a fan of the movie. Only saw it on television. The hubby LOVED this one so I bought tickets when I saw it come to the theater. Hubby never made it...I did. Have a new respect for Prince. 3.0 HATS


A Quiet Place
Directed by John Krasinski

A great tale brought to the big screen. I left work early to see this one. So glad I did. 3.5 HATS

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