Since we have a page for books...Why not movies?! The first movie to be critiqued...I debated the thought of adding the cast; however, have decided to place director names in critique instead... 

Movies based on a Hat ratio; 5 Hats being the best.


This is where I tell you I copied this page from Wordpress and really do not feel like going through HTML to fix the visual appeal. From here on out. I'll try to keep some structure (6/29/2017). 


JULY 2017

Gardens of the Night Directed by: Damian Harris 
A very sad movie. One which shows how grooming of children happen...and happen quickly. It's not one for everyone. The heart will hurt. 3.0 Hats 

Winter's Bones Directed by: Debra Granik 
Very well done movie. Better than expected. Love it when that happens. 4.0 Hats

From the Dark Directed by: Conor McMahon 
Honest? Just remember the beginning and seeing some beautiful country side...1.0 Hats 

John Grisham's The Rainmaker Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola 
This one is ten year's old and casts a very young Matt Damon. He is partnered with Danny DeVito. Great tale folks. Be sur eto have tissues handy. 4.5 Hats


Burnt Offerings Directed by: Dan Curtis 
An old classic Psychological Thriller. Karen Black and Betty Davis play wonderful roles. 4.0 Hats 

The House on Pine Street Directed by: Aaron Keeling, Austin Keeling 
Interesting twist on the Haunted House. Not sure if I liked or hated it. You know that feeling...2.5 Hats


June 2017

John Wick Chapter Two Directed by: Chad Stahelski 
Of course I was going to see this again! It's Keanu. Watched on Amazon with Hubby so he could see it at home. His take was not high. Her would supply a 2.5 Hats. There was a lot of weapons and shooting...and Keanu. I gave 4.0 Hats on my first watch. This second one will bring it down to 3.5 Hats for I could see edit failures on the second go around. 
It Follows 
Directed by: David Robert Mitchell
This was a teenage "sleep with somebody" movie. There were some good scenes, music, and funny parts; however, as a Thriller Junkie...This is one to miss. 
1.0 Hats
Directed by: Ron Clements, Don Hall 
I really have not been a Disney fan since Walt died. The movies just are not the same. This one has great animations and colors. Am happy I watched. 
2.5 Hats
****************************************************************Bernie Directed by: Richard Linklater This is a dark comedy about a factual event. In fact a 20/20 show led me to it. 3.0 Hats

Hell House LLC Directed by: Stephen Cognetti Another while hubby in hospital. Too weird folks. Still not sure if I enjoyed or just hated...2.0 Hats

Gone Baby Gone Directed by: Ben Affleck One of those I watched while hubby was in the hospital.  The brain was playing tricks on me so I had to watch again to make sure I was seeing what I saw! It was not too bad...2.5 Hats

Don't Knock Twice Directed by: Caradog W. James This was one of those, "I need emptiness in my brain" searches for a movie. Found it on YouTube. 1.5 Hats


May 2017

Dark Blue Directed by: Ron Shelton I thought this one was was well done. It had a 70s feel in the way it was presented.  Even so. Kurt Russell looked great and did an outstanding performance.  2.5 Hats

13 Cameras Directed by: Victor Zarcoff A real sick movie. Just my style! 3.0 Hats

King Arthur: Legond of the Sword Directed by: Guy Ritchie Saw this on teh Big Screen. So happy I did. I great rendition of an old tale. 4.0 Hats

Sensoria Directed by: Frank Ilfman The last in a three movie marathon. Another foreign film. Liked it. Interesting to see the psychological make up of a woman going mad...3.0 Hats

Lake Bodom Directed by: Taneli Mustonen Yep. Another Shudder in a row. This had a twist. Enjoyed it. 3.0 Hats

Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl Directed by: A. D. Calvo Have a year's subscription to Shudder and this one was being advertised. Very different. The ending is still making me guess what truly happened...2.5 Hats

There Will be Blood Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson Yep. Hubby wanted to see another...This was a repeat for me. A story of Love and Greed. It is a tale of the usual rise to power and all that goes with it. 3.0 Hats

Sea of Trees Directed by: Gus Van Sant The hubby wanted to see a movie and this is the one I chose. What a great flick. It will take you into the mind of illusions. 3.5 Hats

The Wicker Man Directed by: Robin Hardy 1973 flick about Paganism. To me, it shows where The Burning Man came from. HAHAHAHA. It is one of those classic 70's flick that you need to see...once. 2.5 Hats.


April 2017

Split Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan Whoa. I thought this would be a dud. Was I fooled. Very impressive.  A must see. Will there be a Part Two???? 3.0 Hats

BFG Directed by: Steven Spielberg Didn't even know this was a Spielberg movie....Very well done. I love the colors, animations, and backgrounds. 4.5 Hats 

A Man Called Ove Directed by: Hanns Holm This is a beautiful movie. At first, I thought I'd made a mistake...Turns out, I was mistaken...4.5 Hats

The Collector Directed by: Marcus Dunstan I like this actor. Have seen him in several movies. This was a sick movie. Enjoyed it though. Ending was crazy! 3.0 Hats

Hunger Games II Directed by: Francis Lawrence I saw the first few of these at the theater. Just had to finish off the series. It was alright...3.0 Hats.

Hunger Games I Directed by: Francis Lawrence I saw the first few of these at the theater. Just had to finish off the series. It was alright...3.0 Hats.


March 2017

Be Afraid Directed by: Drew Gabreski Found this one on YouTube. I mean...It's not even out on theaters yet! It was pretty good. Glad I did not pay to see it though. 2.5 Hats

Dementia 13 Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola This one was a 1963 movie. Very risque film. A true psychological thriller. 4.0 HATS

Frailty Directed by: Bill Paxton All I can say is "WOW!". This was a great movie. I thought I knew the ending and was so close. A must see. 3.0 HATS

American History X Directed by: Tony Kaye This was my second time to watch this. A well done movie. Edward Norton is a great actor. A must see. 3.0 HATS

Sicario Directed by: Denis Villeneuve A crazy video that will make you really question what is right and wrong. 2.5 HATS

Maniac Directed by: Frank Khalfoun This was a crazy ass movie. There are some really stupid things, like an empty New York street. I really can't believe I watched the whole thing...1 Hat

Exposed Directed by: Gee Malik Linton Of course I had to watch this...Keanu Reeves was in it! His role was far more passive than he normally does. Very different. This is a great movie and I encourage you to watch it. The story will mess with your head! 3.0 HATS.

10 Cloverfield Lane Directed by: Dan Trachtenberg So, I realized I had been paying for Hulu for about seven months and forgot. Decided to check it out and see if different movies were on.  Found this one within a minute. Decided to check it out. It had me on my toes. In fact, I thought I knew what woudl happen...Fooled me! 3.0 HATS.

The Shack Directed by: Andrew C Erin Received a text for an invite to a movie, and this was the one.  It was probably not one I woudl have chosen myself; however, I am very glad I went. What a powerful movie. Very well done. Now I must read the book...4.5 Hats

Havenhurst Directed by: Stuart Hazeldine A twisted tale. Wild ending. Watched on YouTube. 2.0 Hats

Dead Story Directed by: Suneel Tipuraneni This one had some great shots. Nice use of shadows and lines. Watched on YouTube. 2.0 Hats

Eloise Directed by: Robert Legato Another YouTube video. This one had some promise; however, I fell asleep in the middle...oops 1.0 Hats


February 2017

Dirty Grandpa Directed by: Dan Mazer OK. I punched this one on because the hubby was starting to get really grouchy and I thought he needed a laugh. This stupid movie provided it for him. That in itself was worth the watch. 2.5 Hats

Deepwater Horizon Directed by: Peter Berg Watched this movie in Second Life during a bout of Insomnia. It was very well done. I cried for those lost and all the horrible outcomes in the name of money. How sad. 4.0 Hats.

Where to Invade Next Directed by: Michael Moore A typical Michael Moore Documentary. I woudl not have chosen this to watch. It was the hubby's choice. There were some very interesting things on education. In fact, I have started looking at Italy and Finland for career opportunities...3.0 Stars

John Wick Chapter Two Directed by: Chad Stahelski Of course I was going to see this at the Theater! It did not disappoint. There was a lot of weapons and shooting...and Keanu. W00T! 4.0 Hats


January 2017

One Week Directed by: Michael McGowan I actually enjoyed this one. A tale of "what would you do if you only had one week to live". What really grabbed me was the 850 Commando Norton ;-D 3.0 Hats

Ouiji: Origin of Evil Directed by: Mike Flanagan I've seen a few Mike Flanagan directed movies. They are not bad. He has a way of making you jump. This one was not bad. I did see it in a Virtual Environment which made it even more suspenseful...3.0 Hats.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Directed by: Sergio Leone Can't tell you how many times I have seen this movie. Always see something new! 5 Hats

King of California Directed by: Mike Cahill Recommended by my son. I enjoyed this one. 3.5 Hats

Passengers Directed by: Morten Tyldum Actually went to the theater for this one. Glad I did. It was pretty good. Great scenes, art, and acting. Had the whole gambit of emotions. 3.5 Hats

Stephen King's Thinner Directed by: Tom Holland I remember when I read this book. It was one of the first Stephen King books I read. As always, the book is better...2.0 Hats

Neerja Directed by: Ram Madhvani A tale based on a true story of heroism. A truly brave young woman. 4.0 Hats


December 2016

Whiskey Tango Fox Directed by: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa A fun one to end the year. Would definitely recommend this one. 3.5 Hats

The Tiger Directed by: Hoon-jung Park Wow. Very well done film. This was a moving tale of tradition. A must see in my opinion. 5.0 Hats.

Dhanak Directed by: Nagesh Kukunoor Excellent one. Fun. Exciting. Family. Colorful. It has everything. Mysticism, Love, Evil...4.0 Hats

Dukhtar Directed by: Afia Nathaniel Very well done film. Impressive. Love the guy's truck ;-D 4.0 Hats

The Good Neighbor Directed by: Kasra Farahani Whoa. This was a great flick. I was totally surprised. Great acting. Great storyline. I would recommend it. 4.0 Hats

Christmas Horror Story Directed by: Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban, Brett Sullivan You know me...I like my thrillers. This one was not one of the better. It was good. William Shatner was hilarious. That guy is funny! 3.0 Hats...Mostly for special effects and costumes/make-up.

Extra Ordinary Tales Directed by: Raul Garcia If you like Poe...This is one for you. Amazing artwork. 5.0 Hats

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie Directed by: John Harrison Just a silly movie. Has some great cast members! 2.5 Hats

Zootopia Directed by: Byron Howard and Rich Moore Another good one. Great animations and colors. Worth the watch. 4.0 HATS

Death at a Funeral  Directed by: Frank Oz Wonderful Movie! What a hoot to watch. I highly recommend this one when you need  a good snicker. 5 HATS.

True Memoirs of an International Assassin Directed by: Jeff Wadlow Was feeling pretty wiped out and thought I'd lay down and take a nap. This usually involves a Movie to Lull Me to Sleep. This one did not do that. I found myself laughing out loud at this ridiculous movie. 3.5 Hats

November 2016

The Hollow (2015) Directed by: Sheldon Wilson One of those "curse terrorizes" films. The last on YouTube. As I watched, I thought the girls were all on dope as they spoke so slowly. Then I realized it was YouTube and the speed was slowed down to stop detection of copyright. The correct speed of play probably woudl not have helped me enjoy this any better...2.0 Hats The House Across the Street Directed by: Arthur Luhn Different kind of movie. It was hard to really dive into it. A dark subject matter...2.0 Hats The Remains Directed by: Thomas Della Bella Another YouTube Special. Sometimes I wonder why I pay for Amazon Prime and Netflix when I find these...This one...Not so good in my opinion. 1.5 Hats The Forest Directed by: Jason Zada Had a sick day and laid around watching full length features on YOuTube. This was the first. It was OK. Had me jump a few times...2.5 Hats Man From Elisain Directed by: George Hickenlooper Clicked on this to watch on the Amazon Prime because I saw Mick Jagger in a role. He did pretty damn good. Interesting tale. 2.5 Hats. Movies I may have Blood Father Directed by: Jean-Francois Richet This could be known as a classic B movie. It has some great acting...and some really horrible acting. 2.0 Hats Movies I may have forgotten to write about.... The Dead Room; Directed by Jason Stutter. Meh...Could have not watched. Ending was wild. 2.0 Hats Sweeney Todd, Directed by Tim Burton. About my third time to watch. Always see something new in the background...4.0 Hats The First Wives Club, Directed by Hugh Wilson. This was my first time to watch. I know. Shocking. Was a good laugh. 3.0 Hats. I am sure there are others I missed posting about. My life has been pretty crazy lately. The books and movies are moments of calmness. Sometimes, I forget to bring them to the forefront of chaos. Rounders Directed by: John Dahl Different look at the world of gambling. It was OK. Am a big fan of Edward Norton. He played a great asshole ;-D 2.5 Hats Citizen X Directed by: Chris Gerolmo Very good movie. It is based on a true story. A MUST. 5.0 Hats Murder of Crows Directed by: Rowdy Herrington Very interesting movie. It is something you would wonder what you woudl do in the same circumstances. 3.5 Hats


October 2016

Holidays Directed by: LOTS OF PEEPS A sickening twist to every major holiday. It is not a great show. In fact, I completely forgot I watched it...1 Hat Practical Magic Directed by: Griffin Dunne One I have watched many times and never tire of. A great flick for October. 5 HATS. I must state though...The song Crystal is best sung by Lindsay Buckingham. If you have not heard the Buckingham/Nicks album, do yourself a favor and listen! Everything's Fine Directed by: Kirk Jones This is one I started watching myself and then "rewound" for the Hubby to catch up. Very nicely done. For those with a hearing disability, it could prove to be a challenge...3.0 Hats Mulberry Street Directed by: Jim Mickle Interesting take on the "Zombie Apocalypse".  In this one, people become "Rats"; not in the same sense as a physical Rat "but" very, very close. Different ending. Was a bit shocked at it as most of the rest of the movie was very predictable. 2.0 Hats.


September 2016

The Last Time I Committed Suicide Directed by Stephen Kay Had to folks...Keanu. This was a tale about a 60s icon and his life prior  to fame. Very interesting. Many "film nior" moments. Worth the watch. 3.0 Hats. The Curse of Sleeping Beauty Directed by Pearry Reginald Teo This one, like many others, showed on my recently viewed list in Netflix. Does someone have my account? Weird. Anyway. Thought maybe I tuned in during a drunken slumber so I watched it. The acting was not too bad, and the story line was alright. The ending was not what I expected! 3.0 Hats. The Road Directed by John Hillcoat I was very happy I turned this one on. Very well made movie. Quite a list of great actors; some with very minimal parts. Another tale of when the world is in ruin and human nature when there is no more food. 3.5 Hats

August 2016

Dying of the Light Directed by Paul Schrader Not usually one to go for Nicolas Cage flicks. This was good. An action adventure with a sad tale of a man losing his mind. 3.0 Hats. American Experience: The Perfect Crime Directed by Cathleen O'Connell The hubby and I watched this documentary from Amazon. Very interesting how our justice system truly has not changed...This is worth the watch for the history.  3.0 Hats The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest Directed by Daniel Alfredson Followed the previous with this one. I am actually looking for a free copy of the books.  Love to read and want to see how close they stayed with the text. 4.0 Hats The Girl Who Played with Fire Directed by Daniel Alfredson I enjoyed the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so thought I'd try the Trilogy. Was good. As always, there are parts we could have done without; however, overall, a great film. 4.0 Hats


July 2016

Clear and Present Danger Directed by Phillip Noyce This is a very LONG movie. Two Hours and forty minutes long. Some points could have been removed to shorten the thing. It was pretty true to the book, some variances due to Hollywood. Not a repeater for me though. The hubby enjoyed. In fact, he would rate it at 4 Hats...Not me...2.5 Hats. River's Edge Directed by Neal Jimenez Oh my beloved Keanu; in another stinker. There were some good parts to this movie; even good acting.  Cripsin Clover's character is horrible. I am not sure if maybe I was missing something which should have been stated...Just not a good one folks...1.5 Hats Lights Out Directed by David Sandberg Went to see this on the big screen. I thought it would be more frightening than it actually was. Kinda let least for me. My sister jumped plenty. 2.5 Hats Colonia Directed by Florian Gallenberger This was a Netflix grab. Something to help me fall asleep. Guess what...Didn't fall asleep. What I did not realize was this was based upon a true story from around '73 when the Chilean coup was performing their version of genocide.  That may not have come out the way I wanted; however, you get the jet. 3.0 Hats Coraline Directed by Henry Selick What a cute little movie. Great animation and color. 3.0 Hats. Taking Chance Directed by Ross Katz Jokingly, I told my husband this movie was made because the film industry wanted to get its mileage out of Kevin Bacon's Marine Uniform. This movie was no joke. A very touching tribute to the Fallen of those fighting for our freedom. 3.0 Hats. The Secret Lives of Pets Directed by Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney I am going to go through the movies below for I believe I have seen a few Chris Renaud movies...This was pretty darn cute. Went to the Theater with my sister and Bro in Law. Sat in the front with the recliner chairs, drank wine and laughed. I like this theater. They have the wonderful chairs which no one can kick the back of, and they have a bar! Very fun little movie. Great artwork. It is worth it just for the animation. 3.5 Hats. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Directed by Mark Herman Being a child of the 60s and 70s and living in Southern Georgia. I can understand this story. The parents are not really stating what is happening in the world, so the child has no clue what is happening. The ending was not what I had expected. A sad story of the Nazi/Jew turmoil. 4.5 Hats Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Directed by Stephen Daldry Another great find on Netflix. You must dive into the mind of child who is possibly Autistic; however, never diagnosed. It was a story that played with a lot of emotions. 5 Hats. Backtrack Directed by Michael Petroni Great suspense movie! Just happened upon it on Netflix. Very well done. I think it's a Must See...5 Hats. Stand Up Guys Directed by Fisher Stevens I really enjoyed this one. It tugged at many emotions. For the most part, I laughed. Laughter is good. Next, it pulled at my friendship string. Good movie. Worth the watch. 3.0 Hats.


June 2016

Interstellar Directed by Christopher Nolan A very different movie for me. After starting it, I realized how scientific the movie was (is). This made viewing it better. One think I can't stand is a mumbler..and Matthew McConaughey is one. He and Johnny Depp. Drives me crazy for I have a hard time hearing them. 3.5 Hats Little Boy Directed by Alejendro Moteverde Was feeling lazy and found this jewel! Do yourself a favor and watch. 5 Hats. The Great Hypnotist Directed by Leste Chen Very unexpected ending. Well, not completely. About ten minutes before it ended, I was almost on the same wave length. Maybe I was being hypnotized. 5 Hats Knock Knock Directed by Eli Roth OK. You know I am a HUGE Keanu Reeves fan. He is a big favorite of mine in the movie world. This movie is not one for my top ten list. It seemed there were points left out of the movie which woudl have been relevant to know. In one scene, the girls mention a person's name stating he could dispose of anything. Who was this person? How did he fit into the scenario?  The two girls also mimic something which happened only in the owner's home. How did they know this? Just small things which, in my own opinion, would have made a more believable situation. 2.5 Hats Pawn Sacrifice Directed by Edward Zwick A true tale about a great chess player. Very well done. I enjoyed the history of the story. 4.0 Hats. Listen Directed by Khalli Sullins This was a Netflix "watch in bed" kinda movie. Was alright. Not one of my favorite. Acting at times was superficial. 2.0 Hats Alice Through the Looking GLass Directed by James Bobin This is one I was asked to go to and sit with a couple of young 'uns. Was happy to do so. I loved the beginning of the movie. Very well done. In fact, the whole movie was well done. 4.05 Hats Sex, Death, and Bowling Directed by Ally Walker I picked this movie because of the title. Did not read what it was about. What an emotional roller coaster. I laughed and cried. Very well done. 4.5 Hats Hush Directed by Mike Flanagan This psychological thriller was worth staying up late. In fact, I really wanted to go to sleep, but kept on watching. Pretty good flick. 3.0 Hats


May 2016

A Walk in the Woods Directed by Ken Kwapis I grabbed this one for a movie night with the hubby. What a great show. It provided some great laughs and some peeks into human nature. 5 HATS! Run Boy Run Directed by Pepe Danquart What a tale. You really root for this young man throughout the movie. Be aware, this is a foreign film...Has Subtitles. 5 HATS! Ronin Directed by John Frankenheimer This one had some great car chase scenes. One even with a woman driver! I enjoyed the show. Robert De Niro was...well...Robert De Niro! 3.0 Hats. Like Sunday, Like Rain Directed by Frank Whaley Very interesting story about a young prodigy. This one made me cry. 4.0 Hats. Today's Special Directed by David Keplan A great tale of a Son and his Family Look Who's Back Directed by David Wnendt This German film was hilarious; yet, frightening at the same time. I was very surprised at the end. It made one think about life in general. Was very good. 4.0 Hats. Leon the Professional  Directed by Luc Besson This action packed story is a true love affair. A must see. 4.5 Hats.


April 2016

Inside Man Directed by Spike Lee I have become a fan of Spike Lee's movies since I first saw Do the Right Thing. There have been many between that first film and this one which I personally disliked. It was not the direction of the movie; but, the topic. This one is a great movie with a twist at the end. Worth the watch. 3.5 Hats

The Blue Room

Directed by Mathieu Amalric A real mystery. One of those which will drag you in. It is a foreign film with subtitles... 3.0 Hats

The Animatrix

Directed by MULTIPLE ( You know me by now. Anything with Keanu Reeves I see...several times. This is one of those movies. It is brought to you in "Anime" format and pretty darn cool. 4.0 Hats

The Perfect Host

Directed by Nick Tomnay I Thought this one was pretty damn good. Freaky as all get out. A great one for a sleepless night. 3.0 Hats


March 2016

The Traveler

Directed by Michael Oblowitz This one was a revenge seeking thriller with Val Kilmer.  Very full of foreshadowing. Was OK for an Insomnia Night...2.5 Hats.

The Passion of Christ

Directed by Mel Gibson How sad that anyone should endure such hardship; much less the Lord Our Savior. A great movie to guide you through the Crucifixion.  A must see. 4.0 HATS

Gosford Park

Directed by Robert Altman A very British movie. A story of the rich from behind the scenes...A real "Who Done It?". 4.0 HATS

The Witch

Directed by Robert Eggers Very interesting. Not what I was expecting. The fact the film was portrayed in the 1630's and kept true to the time period was amazing. It is hard to describe the intensity of the movie. The end result is based on one's experience in life.  4.0 HATS.


Directed by Kevin Reynolds This was one my hubby woudl go to see with me at the theater. I love watching movies on the big screen. He woudl rather stay home and sit in his chair... We went to the Picture Show with the HUGE recliners to view. We sat comfortably watching and waiting.  The story of Christ (Yeshua), through a non-believer was quite the different spin. It is one where you must look deeper into the information than the film. 3.0 Hats.


February 2016

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

This is a series I watched with a bout of insomnia. I know. Crazy. It was actually pretty good for a "wee in the hour", "quiet house", view. There were some sick ideas and presentations in this one. Not suited for the young.


Directed by Joel Coen; Ethan Coen What a hoot. This is one the hubby and I watched together. He had a good say and we took advantage. I woudl say it is worth a Sunday Afternoon Viewing...3.0 Hats.


Directed by Tim Miller Saw this one on the big screen with my son. He actually had read some of the Marvel comics. I cannot say that for myself. What I can say is that I really enjoyed this movie. I laughed A LOT. Worth a big screen visit! 5 Hats.


January 2016

Dark Places

Directed by Gilles Pacquet-Brenner This is a movie based on a book about a society of people who like to solve crimes they feel were unjustly solved. Charlize Theron does a great job of portraying the character. Worth it folks. 3.5 Hats


Directed by Francis Lawrence AGAIN. I know...For some reason, I just love this movie. It's like Warriors and Rocky Horror Picture Show. You just can't get enough. Here's a kicker for you...I am usually that one to watch all the credits at the end and then place the movie away. For whatever reasons, I never did this with Constantine. There's something at the very end! Now I can't wait to watch the movie again and see it ;-D 5.0 HATS.

An Unfinished Life

Directed by Lasse Hallstrom Robert Redford starred in this. The cast also included Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Lopez.  This was a very well done movie. Beautiful scenery. A great family flick...even with Jennifer Lopez! I was shocked. She can actually act...3.5 Hats.


Directed by Kevin Greutert Interesting story. A different kind of Haunting. It was not the best in the acting world; however, glad I watched. Beautiful land and some great screen shots. 2.5 Hats.


Directed by Jason Moore Oh my. This was one very similar to Trainwreck. Very funny for me. Went to see this on the big screen and am so happy I did so. 4.0 Hats Just a heads up. I have been watching Netflix Series. The last was Dexter. Now that was some freaky ass shit. I never knew there were so many ways to commit a crime. We are not just talking murder here... It was difficult at times or I do follow Jesus Christ in my life and this is very much a "Science" involved show. Many would dis the existence of a God. Very hard to watch during those times; however, could see why these characters followed this lifestyle.


December 2015

US and the Game Industry

Directed by Stephanie Beth Very cool documentary. This a must for anyone in the field, or thinking of the field, in game design. I loved the storied represented in each person's viewpoint.


November 2015

The Homesman

Directed by Tommy Lee Jones Not a fast starting movie. Its ending is sad. I guess I should read the book to see how well it followed the story. 2.5 Hats

Little Buddah

Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci What can I say...Keanu Reeves. He dives into his roles. Too bad Hollywood has him stuck in the hard guy genre. Though I am not complaining too much. It is his best acting...This was a beautiful story of searching for friends lost in the realms of reincarnation. 3.5 Hats.

The Nightmare

Directed by Rodney Ascher A documentary of nightmares involving the shadow people. If you have never experienced sleep paralysis, this may not be something for you. Very well done. 3.0 Hats.

The Gunman

Directed by Pierre Morel Sean Penn plays a great tough man in this movie. His body was definitely tone for the movie. I was impressed ;-D Overall, not bad. It was too easy to guess situations and some of the acting was not at its best. 2.5 Hats



American Horror Story

Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk I spent days watching Series One through Four on Netflix. Wow. Probably the best "horror" series since Carnival. This one took me into November...4.0 Hats

Crimson Peak

Directed by Guillermo del Toro Went to see this on the big screen with the big sis. Worth it! Enjoyed the tale. It was a fairy tale story. 3.0 Hats.

Legend of Sleepy Hallow

Directed by Tim Burton I thought this was my first time to watch this. Everything in the beginning of the movie was new to me. Toward the end, I thought...hey wait...I've seen this. Now, I need to go back through my mess of movies and see if this is true. Maybe I just caught the end on tv one day. Anywhoooooo. It's Tim Burton and Johnny Depp! 3.5 Hats

Come Back to Me Directed by Paul Leyden This one was freaky. Quite the "slasher". The ending was not what I expected. Could use a little more oomph...2.5 Hats.

Out of the Dark Directed by Lluis Quilez Your basic film of the dead coming back fro revenge. Was OK if you need something to watch. There were parts in the film which needed more...and parts that could have used less. 2.0 Hats.

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death Directed by Tom Harper Since it is October, was looking for a spook film. The Woman in Black was pretty good, so, thought I'd try this. What I did not realize was how tired I was. Fell asleep. When I awoke, I went back to the last part I could remember. It was not a bad movie. I may re-watch it just to give it a chance, 2.5 Hats.



Hardball Directed by Brian Robbins Have seen this one so many times. Just needed a Keanu fix ;-D Actually, this is a great feel good movie which has a bittersweet ending. If you are looking for a family flick (small cursing), this is a good one. 3.5 Hats.

Mississippi Damned Directed by Tina Mabry A very sad tale which leads to one person "getting out" of a small, poor community. Very well done. 4.0 Hats.

Dark Skies Directed by Scott Charles Stewart I gotta be honest here. This one scared the crap out of me. Not sure why. The acting was not the best. Just something about it was frightening. If you enjoy aliens and psychological thrillers...This is the ticket. 3.0 Hats.

The Harvest Directed by John McNaughton This one was not one of the better shows; however, it kept you rooting for a good ending. 2.0 Hats

The Sixth Sense Directed by M. Night Shyamalan This is probably my sixth (or more) time to watch this movie. Each time, I catch something new...and each time, I ball my eyes out when the scene of the boy and mom are chatting in the car. This is a classic movie. If you have not seen it, or not viewed it in awhile, you should. 5 HATS.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Directed by Clint Eastwood I am unsure as to why I chose this movie. I am not a fan of Kevin Spacey or John Cusak. I think it was the image that drew me near and the 4.5 star rating. Then I saw Clint Eastwood directed it. He is a great director. There were scenes in this film that could have used better actors. To some, it seemed like a little party. Of course, this was created in '97. This may have some reasons behind the bad acting...Anyway...My hisband says 5 star...I say...3.5 Hats...For Clint.



Remembrance Directed by Anna Justice This started slow and then stole my heart. A tale of lovers separated after an escape from a Nazi Prison. Many years had passed between the past and present. How it affected the people and their current families was presented in a true fashion of Love. Would recommend watching...4.5 Hats.

Stonehearst Asylum Directed by Brad Anderson This was my kind of psychological thriller. I was very happy I picked it to watch. In fact, I almost by-passed it as it looked to stereotypical. Had me all the way to the end...4.5 Hats.

Night Train to Lisbon Directed by Peyton Reed This was another the hubby and I enjoyed together. What a great fiction intertwined with reality. A great movie. It is a must for any philosophical lover...4.5 Hats.

The Scapegoat Directed by Charles Sturridge This is the second time for the hubby and I to watch this. The hubby has one up on me...He has no memory so it was like his first time to see the movie. I am not complaining, the movie was worth a second view. It is a great tale of human's willingness to be a part of a family. 4.5 Hats

Headhunters Directed by Morten Tyldum Though not in my native tongue and the subtitles moved quickly, this baby was a total thriller. I would recommend anyone searching for a foreign film to review this one! 3.0 Hats

Snowpiercer Directed by Joon-ho Bong This is a world comes to an end and here are the survivors kinda movie.  I enjoyed this one. Was spellbound through the whole thing...3.5 Hats

Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams Directed by Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart Interesting and Dull at the same time. I am actually more of a Lindsay Buckingham fan than a Stevie Nicks. I watched for I have a radio show called Into Your Dreams that was so close to this title...I about fell over. Maybe Stevie and I have some sort of connection...2.0 Hats.

Ant-Man Directed by Peyton Reed First movie of August. Seen on the big screen. This one had great special effects and visuals. A very funny show. Got to see  this with The Boy. Worth it. 3.5 Hats.


JULY 2015

July has been very busy for movies. I guess this is because of the continual barrage of textbooks and tutorials for work. I just need a place to go numb...Movies do it...Well. Some do. The Family Directed by Luc Besson Second time to watch this. The hubby's memory is not so good, so it was like his first time to review. Always a good go to for a giggle. 5 Hats.

Crime After Crime Directed by Yoav Potash This is a documentary that drives home the true meaning of being screwed. A woman, battered from abuse, is imprisoned for the death of her husband. This is a must see folks. 5 Hats.

Nobody's Fool Directed by Robert Benton Wonderful movie.  In fact, I've seen it about three times now. Funny how I can re-watch so many shows and never get bored. Of course, Paul Newman and his beautiful blue eyes can attract anyone. This is a clean, family tale. Funny story of a small town group of people. 5 Hats.

Before I Go to Sleep Directed by Rowan Joffe Interesting psychological thriller. Apparently there's a book..Who knew?!  Guess I should go back to reading. Checked my book page and it is pretty lean as compared here. I liked this one. Kept me focused. 4.0 Hats.

Trainwreck Directed by Judd Apatow Saw this on the big screen with a couple girlfriends. Enjoyed! Laughed a lot. Cried a little. Very cool chick flick! 5.0 Hats

The Taking of Deborah Logan Directed by Adam Robitel I was really looking forward to this one. Started watching in bed. Got pretty far and then...Asleep. If I fall asleep, then there was something that could not keep me engaged. A moment of closing my eyes for too long. Because of the reviews, I may try it again later. For now 2.0 Hats.

Side Effects Directed by Steven Soderbergh Another psychological thriller. Guess you know my favs by now. This was pretty good. Had its ups and downs. Worth a watch. 3.0 Hats

Oculus Directed by Mike Flanagan Here is a thriller which did not end as I expected. Can't say that last sentence 100 %. I kinda knew what was going to happen. The journey there was quite different. Interesting flick. 2.5 Hats.

Changeling Directed by Clint Eastwood That Clint Eastwood knows how to make a movie. He even did some of the music. Amazing. I am not an Angelina Jolie fan. Have to admit she did very well in this movie. Very good. Worth a watch...Maybe two. 4.0 Hats.

Better Off Ted Creator Victor Fresco This is a little series (only watched one episode) my son told me about. What a very funny show. Looking for that sick humor to laugh at. This is the one. I'll give this 4.5 Hats.

Terminator Genisys Directed by Alan Taylor Though I am partial to all those in the very first Terminator, I will try to be non-biased. I found this movie very entertaining. They show intertwined all the others into one. It was a future/past suspense. I was not too thrilled about the cast for Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. These two roles took me awhile to see "real" persons. In the end...I am glad I saw it on the BIG SCREEN. 2.5 Hats

John Wick Directed by David Leitch and Bridget Moyanhan This is about my fourth time to watch this movie. The first time I watched it I gave it 3.5 Hats. Each time I review the movie, it just gets better. It is an ACTION PACKED movie. Starting to REALLY LOVE THIS ONE. 4.5 Hats

The Dark Valley Directed by Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi A western like you have never seen. I liked this one. Good acting. Nice cast of characters...Real people...NOTE: Is in German...4.5 HATS

Night Falls in Manhattan Directed by Sidney Lumet A typical 90's flick starring Andy Garcia. A tale of good triumphing...with a price. 2.5 HATS

The House at the End of Time Directed by Alejendro Hidalgo WOW! That's all I can say. Good one to watch. NOTE: This is a foreign film. 4.0 HATS

Stephen King's A Good Marriage Directed by Peter Askin Great suspense thriller. A true, classic, Stephen King. Not my favorite as per acting...2.0 HATS.

Shanhai Knights Directed by David Dobkin Not quite as funny as the original. I did have a good laugh with this one. A definite Must least once...2.5 HATS.

Shanghai Noon Directed by Tom Dey Too bad this director did not follow through with the sequel. Would probably been a better movie (Knights). I really enjoyed this one. Had a few good laughs at the Puns within the flick. 2.5 HATS


June 2015

The Boxtrolls Directed by Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi This was a hoot to watch. The typical story of triumph you hear in children's tales. Because of my career choice, animations, Pixar, and "Claymations" are among some of the top of my list to watch. Glad I watched this. 4.0 HATS.

Lee Daniel's The Butler Directed by Lee Daniels Very good movie. I was shocked to see Robin Williams in the roll as president. It just reminded me of how brilliant he was. This is definitely worth a watch. Politics aside folks. 4.5 HATS.

Hector and the Search for Happiness Directed by Peter Chelsom LOVED this one. It is a must see for anyone who wants to know happiness. 5 HATS. I also see my formatting went south again. I'll start adding some kind of break in between movies. Not sure if I'll go back and redo these. It took forever last time. I have to do the movies...and the books!

I, Frankenstein Directed by Stuart Beattie Interesting tale. I like to see how Graphic Novels are presented in movies. They did pretty god with this one. There were some pretty cool effects. Not the best of shows...not the worst...2.5 Hats.

Gravity Directed by Alfonso Cuaron You know I love Sandra Bullock. One of my favorite female Actresses. She is awesome. This movie just didn't do it for me. There were great scenes and not so great scenes. Could have been George Clooney that messed it up for me. Not a fan of his...2.0 Hats.

What We Did in the Shadows Directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi I thought this was hilarious. Must be my dark humor. Shared with someone and they could not stand it. I think it's my next cult movie...One of those I watch repeatedly. Movies like The Warriors, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Waking Ned Devine, and Milagra Beanfield War (just to name a few). 4.5 Hats.


May 2015

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Directed by Francis Lawrence I've been enjoying this series. From those who have read the book, they say it is not as good. Since my reading has dwindled to that of textbooks and Jesus Calling, I think I should read this. 4.0 Hats.

Identity Thief Directed by Seth Gordan One of those Melissa McCarthy comedies. She is quite the character. This one was a bit of a disappointment. I was told I would laugh like hell. I did in some parts...Just not as much as I thought I would. Still worth the watch. 2.5 Hats

Side by Side Directed by Chris Kenneally Y ou know I can't pass anything up that says "Keanu Reeves". This one is a documentary of film vs digital and the world of cinematology. Very informative. Enjoyed. 4.0 Hats

Two Lives Directed by Geaorge Maas A tale of a woman who was a spy and is living a beautiful life. Her past comes back to haunt her. A true drama. 3.5 Hats


April 2015

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour A classic in filmology. Great directing. This one brought back to me the many shadows, lines, and make-up of the older, classic thrillers. This is a timeless thriller. A must see. Do yourself a favor and watch it! 5.0 Hats.

Coldwater Creek Directed by Vincent Grashaw Wanted to step ways from my usual genre and grabbed this one by chance. There was good and bad in this movie. It is based on the Juvenile camps which were very popular a few years ago. Sad. Good. 3.5 Hats.

Open Waters Directed by Chris Kentis Was trying to find another psychological thriller and thought two people in open water would dive deep into the mind...Did not happen for me folks...1.5 Hats.

The Babadook Directed by Jennifer Kent Be prepared to find fright. This is a psychological thriller. A tale of two people lost in a world of life. If I understand correctly, this is based on a short film titled "Monster". It took me a few to really understand what was happening in this tale. When you see the underlining, it becomes quite scary. 3.5 Hats. I rated low for the kids perpetually whining was very irritating...which makes the movie very real...Catch 22 ;-D

At the Devil's Door Directed by Nicholas McCarthy Very different. Netflix has this at a very low rating. I think it is a bit better than this and deserves more. Was a bit disappointed with the end. This style of ending leaves the movie open for a sequel; which would not be good. Anywhoooooooo. 2.5 Hats.

Secrets in the Walls Directed by Christopher Leitch The atmosphere of this one was like a made for TV style of movie. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty good. A few parts even made me jump. If you are bored and have nothing else...Watch it. 2.5 Hats.

The Imposter Directed by Bart Layton Very interesting movie. The setting of this is very "documentary style". I was shocked throughout the whole movie. Even the ending left me with unanswered questions. 3.5 Hats.

Housebound Directed by Gerard Johnstone What a delightful pick. It was at a whim I grabbed this one to watch. Am so happy I did! Though it was found under the "horror" movies, it turned into quite a comical adventure. You have got to see this one. 4.0 Hats.


March 2015

Still Mine Directed by Martin McGowan A beautiful story of unconditional love. It's a must see. 3.5 Hats

Amelie Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet This is a tale of a young lady's journey to find the owner of some items she finds hidden in a baseboard. What a fun, quirky movie. Loved it! 4.5 Hats.

Waking Ned Devine Directed by Kirk Jones T his is a repeat movie for me. Can't even say how many times I have watched this one. The hubby and I enjoy watching it together. What a fun story of a community wanting to grow and the scandals that follow. It has beautiful Ireland scenery. 4.0 Hats

P.S. I Love You Directed by Richard LeGravenese Had a co-worker send this one my way. What a pleasant surprise. Very good movie and great scenery. Definitely a "couple" kind  of movie...3.0 Hats.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Directed by Niels Arden Oplev I am not usually a fan of sub-titled movies. This one won my heart. It was a tale of who, what, when, and where. There were places where I drifted from needing to read so much...In the end, I am very happy I watched. 3.0 Hats


February 2015

Get Low Directed by Aaron Schneider This is one the hubby and I watched together. He does not like my genre of movies so I always try to find something "meaningful" for him to watch. This was just one of those nights we found something great! This is definitely worth watching. It is a tale of man who lived many years alone. We see how others react to him and how he truly is/was. 4.5 Hats.


January 2015

Can't remember watching any movies this month. I actually am in a mew position at work and time is gold for me these days. Most of it is spent trying to get my life organized... I heard the older you get, the harder this is. I also see all my formatting has been removed below. I'll be fixing this a little at a time...Starting at the bottom and moving upward. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



Mind Hunters Directed by Renny Harlin Interesting movie. Not the best in acting. In fact, I was a bit disappointed in Val Kilmer. He seemed to be under the influence of something...Christian Slater looked good as always ;-D 2.5 Hats.

Mercy Directed by Peter Cornwell A tale of love and family strength. Not a classic but worth watching. Seems I have seen other Cornwell movies. Am going back in my list to see after this post. 2.5 Hats

The Possession Directed by Ole Bornedal Was down for the count during an illness and watched this to fall asleep. Actually made it through the whole movie...It could use something. The rating were very high...just not for me.  2.0 Hats

Django Unchained Directed by Quentin Tarantino Very cool movie. In the beginning, Quentin Tarantino was not a favorite director of mine. His movies just were...well...out there. This one had every emotion held in its grasp. Pretty cool flick. 4.0 Hats

The Forgotten Directed by Joseph Ruben A crazy world of a woman who believes she lost her child and how everyone around states there was no child. Can you say alien involvement?! 3.0 Hats

The Frighteners Directed by Peter Jackson I've never really been a Michael J Fox fan but this one had me in stitches. If you have never ventured here, check it out. Not best for the youngest of young but a good family thriller. 3.0 Hats



The Ward Directed by John Carpenter Another Psychological Thriller. The ending was CRAZY. Once the last few minutes play out, you start to understand how the brain of a Post Traumatic Stress works. 4.0 Hats

Generation Um... Directed by Mark Mann This one started very strangely. I almost shut it off. Due to my total respect for Keanu Reeves, I left it rolling. Am happy I did. The Netflix folks gave this one only one star. I disagree. It is one that looks at life. It was funny...and very sad. It is actually leaning toward genius. 4.5 Hats

Dream House Directed by Jim Sheridan This was actually my second time to watch this. I must have fallen asleep during the first time. This is an exciting thriller which ends not as you would expect. 3.0 Hats

The Fourth Kind Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi Based on actual experiences of a town in Alaska...Freaky...2.5 Hats

Haunter Directed by Vincenzo Natali A twist to the usual ghost story. It's a ghost haunted by the physical world. Not bad for a Netflix Thriller. 3.0 Hats

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Directed by Frances Lawrence I was very happy with this movie. In fact, this one makes me want to read the books. If anyone checking out this page has read the books, give me a comment on your viewpoint. I felt the movie stayed in true format with the first. 3.0 Hats



The Ouija Experiment 2014 Directed by Israel Luna This was a free Hulu Movie to get me in the mood for Halloween. I actually fell asleep and had to finish in the morning. Not bad for the style. Finished out of respect. 2.0 Hats

John Wick Directed by David Leitch and Bridget Moyanhan You know I'd be watching this on the BIG SCREEN. Anything Keanu is seen at the Theater first if it can be helped. This one is pretty violent. It had great humor as well. Loved that part of the film. Took the hubby. We both enjoyed. 3.5 Hats

The Iceman Directed by Ariel Vromen This is based on a true story of one of the mobs biggest killers, Richard Kuklinski. I lived such a sheltered life for I knew nothing of this man and the history behind him. The director did well in keeping the clothing, cars, and media true to the decades. Enjoyed. 3.0 Hats



Dead Like Me Directed by Stephen Herek I used to watch this series when I had cable. Lived it. The movie proved to have that same humor and wit. Am very happy I watched it. In fact, twice...4.0 Hats World War Z Directed by Marc Forster This is one I did not think I would enjoy...DID. Happy I watched. It was a typical Zombie movie with a twist. Lots of symbolism in this one...3.0 Hats



Company Men Directed by John Wells Big fan of Tommy Lee Jones. He plays a great role in this one. Very heavy movie that pulls at your heart...3.0 Hats

Redemption Directed by Steven Knight A basic good/evil movie that ends sort of happy. Lots of action with great fight scenes...2.5 Hats

Primal Fear Directed by Gregory Hoblit This was our second time to watch this. It is a movie which shows the true talents of Edward Norton. Great actor. Perfect for the part. This one is worth a look...3.0 Hats

The Factory Directed by Morgan O'Neill A typical who done it movie. It was well done and worth the watch. There were several editing goofs that drove me crazy...2.5 Hats

They Directed by Robert Harmon Interesting movie. A psychological thriller with a twist of horror. Enjoyed this one. May be because I was tired...and it was dark out...3.5 Hats

Woman in Black Directed by James Watkins This was my second time to watch this movie. My sister and I ventured to the theater to see this one back in February 2012. Enjoyed the movie the second time . There were many parts in the movie I could have bashed from poor edits. This is something I try to remain clam about...Just one of my things. The movie made me jump in several places and giggle in others. Was interesting to see Daniel Radcliffe play in a different role...3.5 Hats

Flight Directed by Robert Zemechis Watched this while visiting friends in Idaho. Very "heavy" movie. It was really not something I would have chosen to watch. Still good acting and a good tale. 3.0 Hats

Oscar Directed by John Landis A great movie from beginning to end. Top actors. One of Stallone's best movies. This is me saying that for I am not a huge fan. Watched this while in Idaho with friends. In fact, probably my fifth time to watch it. 5.0 Hats

Odd Thomas Directed by Stephen Summers I'm a little weird in my tastes of books and movies. Always seem to lean toward the dark side. This movie stems from a book (never read...will now) and seemed to flow quite nicely. I enjoyed this one. 3.0 Hats


JULY 2014

Strange Voices Directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman A tale of schizophrenia as seen through the eyes of a family stuck in the middle.  A typical 80's movie. If you have never seen what can happen with this disease, it's a good movie to start with. 2.5 Hats

Little Children Directed by Tom Field I didn't think I'd like this one. It surprised me. The fact that it was narrated in parts from a readers standpoint was pretty cool. Of course Kate Winslet had to get naked. I think she undresses in every movie she is in...Anyway. Great story. 4.0 Hats.

Dead Man Directed by Jim Jarmusch Wow. This one was chopped full of great actors. I think this may be a cult classic for it was one trippy movie. Really liked this one. 4.0 Hats

Grand Piano Directed by Eugenio Mira Very slow to begin. Found it painful in fact. Had great music with a different type of ending. The hubby enjoyed this one far more than I. 2.0 Hats

In the Electric Mist Directed by Bertrand Tavernier Love love love Tommy Lee Jones in this one. It seems a natural role for him. A tale of New Orleans detective and the local mobster 3.5 Hats


JUNE 2014

Jesse Stone: Night Passage Directed by Robert Harmon A typical Tom Selleck movie. This one is a murder investigation that comes full circle. Anything with Selleck is worth watching at least once...2.5 Hats.

The Unknown Directed by Simon Brand A crazy tale of  a group of men waking up with amnesia. This is a psychological thriller that leaves you wondering to the last minute. I give it 4.0 Hats.

The Heat Directed by Paul Feig This was a bit of a slow start for myself. Seemed slap stick comedy. I love the two leading ladies and was excited to see this. Was good...Just not as good as I had let myself hope for...3.0 Hats.

The Family Stone Directed by Thomas Bezucha This one was provided through a co-worker as one of her favorite Christmas Movies. The only thing Christmas about it is the season. It was a real tear-jerker and a comedy all at once. I really enjoyed the movie. It is about life and love. This seemed to be a theme she gave me to watch...Wonder if she was telling me something...4.5 Hats.

We Bought a Zoo Directed by Cameron Crowe I really didn't think I'd care for this one. Turned out, I truly enjoyed. What ta feel good movie. I was surprised at the end to see it was based on a true story. Interesting. A real great movie to show about life and love. 4.0 Hats.

Bridesmaid Directed by Paul Feig I laughed at this one. There were a few places of total darkness which could have been better "but" in the end...It made me laugh out loud! I'll give it 3.5 Hats.

Nick of Time Directed by John Badham This was a Johnny Depp early movie. Not good folks. So many places were like...Why are they doing that?! Love Johnny...and many of the other starring roles. but..not good folks...1.5 Hats.

Jesse Stone: Might Passage Directed by Robert Harmon A typical Tome Selleck show. I guess this was a series at one time. I watched to appease my husband. It was OK. Worth it...Just not something I would have chosen. 3.5 Hats.

The Family Directed by Luc Besson Before I even knew Martin Charles Scorsese was producer, I understood this would be one weird ass movie. It was not a disappointment. Awesome show. I suggest you sit with wine and cheese with this one! 5 Hats.

Changing Lanes Directed by Roger Michell Enjoyed this one with the hubby.  It was a round about way of explaining how worlds can collide and how one person can change everything. I am not a big Affleck fan so would have passed this up if not for hubby's interest...2.5 Hats Thank you for the positive thoughts on the root canal. Am calling tomorrow as it has sensitivity still...after three weeks...Not good.  Anyhow. Thank you for you concerns...

The Scapegoat Directed by Charles Sturridge Very cool. I actually enjoyed this movie for BBC. I watched with the hubby. We were both impressed. 3.5 Hats.

Exit Through the Gift Shop Directed by Bansky I love the art sown in this video. Awesome. The street art created by those who are true to the art is amazing. Very interesting documentary.  3.0 Hats.

Frozen Ground Directed by Scott Walker I really enjoyed this one. It was based upon a true story and the case surrounding all that happened during this time frame.  Though Hollywood often glamorize with this movie...It was still good.  3.0 Hats


MAY 2014

Just a heads up for those of you reading this blog. I had a root canal this month and a momentary lapse of depression...thus all the movies. May not happen again for some time. Who knows...Gonna look back and see if  this is a frequent thing for certain months. Knife's Edge Directed by Anthony Hickox Fell asleep the first time around with this one too. It was as if two persons were directing the movie. Some of the shots where awesome, while others needed something more. The acting was not top quality, this made for very jerky moments. The end was a twister though... 2.5 Hats

An American Ghost Story Directed by Derek Cole I have to be honest. Started this show twice and fell asleep both times. I think if the acting may have been better I may have stayed focus. Hard to say... ;-D 1.5 Hats

Faces in the Crowd Directed by Julien Magnet Pretty good show. I was intrigued for moment one. The who done it. I was not paying a lot of attention prior to the show and found myself leaning toward a certain person as the bad guy. I thought I knew who done it...and of course...I was right ;-D 3.0 Hats

The Haunting Directed by Jan de Bont This movie is why I am doing this memoir. I had seen it before...Just didn't remember. There is a reason for this. It was a "good" movie...not the best.... 2.0 Hats

The Collection Directed by Marcus Dunstan A bloody battle from beginning to end. A real horror flick. 2.5 Hats

The Awakening Directed by Nick Murphy This was a true psychological thriller. I was uncertain about the whole movie up to the end. It had great scenes and upon hind sight...great foreshadowing. I give 3.5 Hats.

Innkeepers Directed by Ti West This one was a bit different. So much so, I am not so intrigued. 1.0 Hats

Red Lights Directed by Rodrigo Cortes A  hidden beauty. Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro. Two power houses. Nice camera angles for this one. It shows the director was a fan of his genre. A lot of Hitchcock "looks" to this movie. I truly enjoyed it. 3.0 Hats

Man of Tai Chi Directed by Keanu Reeves You know why I watched! Yep...Keanu. That's all there is to say about that. Great action scenes. For his first "Director" role, this was not bad. I hope he tries another. The movie is not one I would normally have chosen. This is not in my genre of choice...3.0 Hats

The Skeleton Key Directed by Iain Softly Another twisted Love Story.  This one is a psychological thriller. Once I started watching, I realized I had seen the movie prior and forgotten. Good thing I keep a record now ;-D I am not a huge fan of Kate Hudson; however, she did well with this one. 3.0 Hats

Beneath the Darkness Directed by Martin Guigui I should know better than to watch anything with Dennis Quaid.  Never really cared for him much...Anyway...this is a piece of shit movie. Don't waste your time. .5 Hats.

House of Voices Directed by Pascal Laugier Many viewers of this type of film may be "turned off" by the art of imagination. At first, I felt I may not enjoy this film. As it progressed and my mind became a play toy with its own interpretations to what was happening, I became absorbed. How about a 3.5 Hats


April 2014

Could have sworn I watched a movie this month...


MARCH 2014

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Directed by Richard Lester Not sure how many times I have seen this one. It always makes me smile. If you have never experienced this movie...It's a must. I give it 4.5 Hats

My Life Without Me Directed by Isabel Coixet This one was pretty intense. A woman finds she has terminal cancer and chooses to live life without treatment or telling her family. Seeing Deborah Harry as the girls mom was very cool. 3.5 Hats



Inception Directed by Christopher Nolan This was my second time to watch this movie. It is quite interesting to think of a dream within a dream. Really, isn't this world a dream? I like this one. I have to provide 3.5 Hats

28 Days Later Directed by Danny Boyle A typical end of the world scenario. I think it is worth an end of the day movie entertainment, I'd have to give a 2.5 Hats


Source Code Directed by Duncan Jones Very interesting movie. I found the visual cues quite mesmerizing. Now, we watched this on a commercial channel and I am sure much was cut for television.  It really makes me want to see it again uninterrupted.  Oh...and...The very last scene was cut off due to a channel change. Being this makes me want to watch it, I'd have to give a 3.5 Hats score.

47 Ronin Directed by Carl Rinsch First off, I swear I watched a movie in December of 2013. That is weird that I failed to view one motion picture! I will try to make this year more of a movie year... Next, started 2014 out right with a big screen viewing of 47 Ronin. Great flick. I even cried in areas. It was a must see due to the Keanu Reeves role. I just can't get enough of this guy. There is plenty of action and suspense to keep you  entertained throughout the whole show ;-D...I'll give this one 4.5 Hats.


November 2013

Jennifer Eight Directed by Bruce Robinson I swear I posted this review and lo and behold, it is nowhere. I love Andy Garcia, and he is fabulous in the movie. For you Uma Thurman fans, she's the leading lady. The story is of a murder case and the hunt to find the killer. In the midst of it all, the cop falls in love with the victim. Same tale told a thousand times. As a person who sees edit errors, body movement errors in cuts and all that stuff, this one had a LOT. There were scenes with snow, that switched to no snow or rain. Very disturbing to me. My husband found no faults...I'll give this one 2 Hats (for Andy Garcia).

The Boxer Directed by Jim Sheridan A tale of the Catholics and Protestants as seen through a boxer who was imprisoned for involvement in the I.R.A. In the midst of it all is a live story for relations, country, and self...I'll give this one 3 Hats.

Two Mules for Sister Sara Directed by Don Siegel This is a 1970 movie that I have watched several times. It is a great go to for a fun, action movie. I love Clint Eastwood pairing up with Shirley MacLaine. It seemed natural...I'll give this one 5 Hats.



Babbette's Feast Directed by Gabriel Axel This is a 1986 release of a tale told of survival, family, friends, and life. It is a French film (I believe) and this last time, I watched with subtitles. In fact, this is one of those I have watched several times. Usually without subtitles. I try to understand by body language alone. Very good movie. It is a must for enthusiasts. Please give this one a whirl....I'll give this one 5 Hats.

Rear Window Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Another one of those repeaters for me. A classic in the Hitchcock Genre. I love this story. James Stewart plays an awesome part. You all know this story...I'll give this one 5 Hats.

Vertigo Directed by Alfred Hitchcock As always, an enjoyable movie. This is one that never gets dull. I love seeing the old San Fransisco streets. This is just an all time favorite. I'll probably be watching a few from this era for the next few months...I'll give this one 5 Hats.



Erased Directed by Philip Stolzl Enjoyed this action packed thriller. It seems a father and daughter become closer after a few days of eluding captives. One of those Netflix shows. Am trying it out...I'll give this one 2.5 Hats.

House at the End of the Street Directed by Mark Tonderai This one was  better than I thought. It would, in my opinion, be considered a teen bopper movie.  A twist of fate brings people together to discover a gruesome ending.  I'll give this one 2.5 Hats.

Occupant Directed by Henry Miller Interesting tale of what happens when a person is left to his own "self" within a room which may, or may not be possessed with demons. Interesting ending.  I'll give this one 2.5 Hats.



Ghost Ship Directed by Steve Beck This was one I had watched once before.  It was interesting to see it again and look for new things I had missed before. If you are like me (many are not), I look at the props and costumes before looking at actors.  This makes watching movies multiple times "doable".  I'll give this one 2.5 Hats.


JULY 2013

The Conjuring Directed by James Wan Saw this one on the big screen. I think it would be the only way to see it...Unless you had the ultimate surround sound. Great angles of shots creating lines and shadows. 3.5 Hats

Tormented (Rabbit Horror 3D)  Directed by Takashi Shimizu This Japanese thriller was very well done. Even with subtitles, I was caught up in the tale. Stay tuned for the ending has a twist that I was not expecting. 4.5 Hats

A Haunting at Silver Falls Directed by Brett Donowho One of those lower grade thrillers. It sucks when you know "who done it" within the first five minutes. The good thing was I did not know how it was done. 2.5 Hats

The Princess Bride Directed by Rob Reiner This is one of those movie I have watched many times.  Just watched it today with the hubby. His first viewing. This move never lets me down. In fact, I even heard a few lines I have missed the last few times viewing. This movie has been played in my home many, many times. Never a dull moment! I give 5 Hats ;-D


JUNE 2013

In Darkness Directed by Agnieszka Holland This was based on a true story of the survival of a Jewish group who lived within the sewers. It is pretty historical and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it being in another language and I had to read the subtitles. A good movie to watch on a slow weekend. 4 Hats.

Primal Fear
Directed by Gregory Hoblit
This movie definitely shows Edward Norton at his finest. I am not a Richard Gere fan; however, he too did well.  I would say this is a great 1996 movie. 3.5 Hats.


MAY 2013

Persepolis Directed by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi I watched this one in its native language without Closed Captioning. It still has an impact. What a way to intertwine history into a story. I was very impressed with the artwork and animation. This is definitely worth a wath...Even without the translation! I give 5 Hats.

Identity Directed by James Mangold This is another one to see twice. Had forgotten all about it. A pretty cool thriller that has a twist. It's a must see. This one goes deep into the psyche of your mind. Once you realize what is happening, it all falls together...4 Hats.

Memento Directed by Christopher Nolan This was the second time I watched this one. Very interesting tale of a man who has lost short term memory. One of those movies with no music in the background. Always enjoy that. Having no sound is  a tough thing these days to pull off. I'll give it 3.5 Hats.


APRIL 2013

WHAT?! No MOVIES AGAIN?! I actually watched a couple TV series that were good: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1st Season) Justified (1st and 2nd Season)


MARCH 2013

The Croods (3D) Directed by Chris Sanders What a hoot. I enjoyed watching this one. I had laughs and even cried in this animated adventure.  There was thought process in the creation of the characters. Great artwork and wonderful colors. If you have children...and if you do not...It is worth a view on the big screen...5 Hats.

Oz the Great and Powerful (3D) Directed by Sam Raimi This one was based on the book...The pre-sequel to Wizard of Oz. It has inspired me to actually read the book! Yes. I am one of the few who have not. The graphics were pretty cool to see in 3D. I was mesmerized in a few scenes. There were places I felt the acting could have been better "but" who am I to judge...3 Hats.



WHAT?! No MOVIES?! Best make up for that this next month...



Paranormal Activity 4 Directed by Henry Joost & Ariel Shulman Very different. Was not what I expected. As you can see from the list of movies...I like thrillers. This one was set up very similar to the Blair Witch Projects. I found the film work a bit fascinating. Still would not place it in my top list of re-watch...Removed quickly from the Nook...3 Hats.

Blade Runner Directed by Ridley Scott I could have sworn that I had another Ridley Scott movie on here. Maybe I am just missing it. Well. I was not all that impressed. I did like that the movie was made without the music background always playing. This helps me to become part of the film. I have to say that I watched thirty-two minute version of this which I thought was more fascinating (see here :! I have quickly removed this one from my Nook...2.5 Hats.

The Cabin in the Woods Directed by Drew Goddard I was given a horrible copy of this movie. It was from a store and I will be returning it. This was a pirate version! I watched it still though in awe. Was impressed with the movie. Sad part is that I never got to see the very end. I was "oh so close" and then the movie abruptly ended. I'll definitely find a clean version...3.5 Hats. UPDATE: A clean copy makes a world of difference! If you are in to ghouls and ghosts, or even the "who done it" genre. Watch this one!



Monsters, Inc. Directed by Pete Docter & David Silverman This one I actually went to the theater for! The craftsmanship and art is delightful. The hair moved with ease. It was amazing. I was a bit uncomfortable with all the symbolism slammed right in your face. Those of you who follow that stuff understand what I am saying. All in all, it was a great tale and a fun movie...3.5 Hats.

Elf Directed by Jon Favreau A friend said this was a hilarious movie. Yes, there were some very funny parts to the story. I even laughed aloud. Maybe not on my favorites list for holiday movies. Great cast of actors though! This one is a hit with the younger generation, for us old farts...2.5 Hats.

Edward Sissorhands Directed by Tim Burton What can you say about the Time Burton/Johnny Depp combo?! I don't think I've ever seen a movie that I did not like of Burton's. Johnny Depp is awesome as always  I was happy to go back some years and hear him speak instead of that mumbling pirate crap! OK. So, this was not my first time to see the movie and I fell asleep in the middle. It's still worth the watch. I love the colors and symbolism in this one...4 Hats.



Lonely are the Brave Directed by David Miller What a great movie. This 1962 classic is a must see. Kirk Douglas and Walter Matthau show why they are great actors. There are also glimpses of many other greats! I really liked this one folks. A true Hollywood movie...5 Hats.

Catch.44 Directed by Aaron Harvey Whoa. That's the one word I would use. Of course, Forest Whitaker is  awesome in this. I was mesmerized from the very beginning. Now, if you are not a person who likes violence and bloodshed, this may not be for you. Even Bruce Willis had a good part!...3.5 Hats.

Two if by Sea Directed by Bill Bennett A typical 1996 film starring Sandra Bullock and Denis Leary. There were parts that made me laugh hard. I am glad that I watched and even happier I did not pay! There was great scenery and this is where most points come in...That and the humor...2.5 Hats.



District 9 Directed by Neill Blomkamp Gotta be honest here. Tried watching this movie many times and kept falling asleep the first ten minutes. Finally made it past that point. It actually turned out to be a pretty good storyline; one used many times. This one just brought a twist to it...3.5 Hats.

Ratatouille Directed by Brad Bird & Jan Pinkava Very well made computer animated movie. Having created a scene or two using multiple media, I can appreciate the hours put into this move. This is a funny tale and a must see...5 Hats.

Halloween Directed by John Carpenter This one is in the top ten list of scary movies to watch. Guess who fell asleep while viewing?! What I did see, I could justify why they placed this in the list; just not scary enough for this gal...3 Hats (for the music and the Queen of Scream).

Other Voices Directed by Dan McCormack A tale that takes communication, friendship and relationship on a twisted path. Very interesting story. Watched this one during an insomnia evening. Found it FREE on Hulu.....4 Hats.

V is for Vendetta Directed by James McTeguie I was more impressed with this one than I thought I'd be. This seemed perfect to watch during this time in our world. Loved the quote "People should not be afraid of the Government. Government should be afraid of the people".....4 Hats.

The Hunger Games Directed by Gary Ross My son had read this series of tales and was looking forward to the movie. For him, it was a bit of a disappointment  for me, not having read the books, it was "entertaining". Not something I will watch repeatedly. What I did enjoy was the costume and make-up. There was a talented person on the set working!.....3 Hats.



The Tall Man Directed by Pascal Laugier This was a suspense thriller all the way. Just when you think you have it figured out, it throws a turn in your face! I really enjoyed this one. I believe you will too....4 Hats.

The Usual Suspects Directed by Brian Singer A tale of thieves. murderers and their last moments together. I'm not a huge Baldwin fan so was very happy when they killed his character. Wish it would have happened sooner! Was happy I watched the movie. Was just not what I expected....2 Hats.

Permanent Record Directed by Marisa Silver Can honestly say that I only watched this because of Keanu Reeves. This is definitely one of those 80's flicks that maybe should have stayed on paper. There were some nice shots of the ocean...and then there's Keanu....1.5 Hats.

Love Actually Directed by Richard Curtis This was my second time to see this movie. Very well done. The title makes you think of a sappy love story...Not the case. This one came recommended by a wonderful lady from Scotland. Thanks Ruby. While watching, take a look for Professor Snape....5 Hats.



Henry's Crime Directed by Malcolm Venville I was very impressed with this movie. No. Not just because of Keanu Reeves. Yes. I'm a H U G E fan ;-D It was just a great movie. Slow to start; yet, was needed. I'll probably watch this one again. It's worth it folks...5 Hats.

Mr Brooks Directed by Bruce A Evans Very Wild. I think this could become my favorite Kevin Costner movie. It grabbed me right from the beginning. This is a must see for those who enjoy psychological thrillers...5 Hats.

Reservoir Dogs Directed by Quentin Tarantino It's Quentin Tarantino...What more can I say. Violence, blood and just weird shit. I like that he makes movies with little audio mixed in. The scenes are quiet and make you feel as a voyeur looking into someone's world. You have to be in that right mood to watch...4 Hats.

Leon the Professional Directed by Luc Besson This was a dark movie with real life humor. A bit disturbing in areas. For myself, it was a late night watch just before bed. I enjoyed to the end...3.5 Hats.

Black Swan Directed by Darren Aronofsky Very psychological movie. At points, I thought I knew exactly what was going others, I questioned my judgement. I would say this one is worth the watch...3 Hats.


JULY 2012

Dark Shadows Directed by Tim Burton Typical Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie. I am happy that I watched; but, not as thrilled with the overall movie. There was something missing. Something lacking. Having been a child in the 70s and knowing Dark Shadows from experience, I was excited to see this movie. The music is FANTASTIC. I'll be getting the soundtrack...3.5 Hats

Point Break Directed by Kathryn Bigelow Not the best of movies. Some of the acting has something to be desired. Even with that being said, I still can't help watching Keanu. He has natural beauty. If you like action, this is not too bad. Great surf shots!...1.5 Hats for Keanu.

MIB 3 Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld I have enjoyed every one of these movies in this series. This one did not disappoint. I am very happy to have seen this and will say it is worth it...5 Hats.

Mystic River Directed by Clint Eastwood What a sad movie. This one pulls at the heart and makes one think about what they see and what is real. It was my second time to watch this and will probably watch it again...5 Hats.

Blazing Saddles Directed by Mel Brooks What a hoot. One of those that you watch over and over and over. Long live Madeline Kahn...5 Hats.


JUNE 2012

Sherlock Holmes Directed by Guy Ritchie A new flavor to an old favorite. This was my second time to watch this flick. Good action and nice costume design. Worth the watch...3.5 Hats.

Hitch Directed by Andy Tennant A typical Will Smith movie. Funny and action packed. It has a total "Comic" feel to it. Not one I would "purchase" per se'; however, am happy I watched it...2.5 Hats.


MAY 2012

The Milagro Beanfield War Directed by Robert Redford I cannot say how many times I have watched this movie. It never bores me. It was created in 1988 and tells a story of a resort being developed in a small farming town, population 426. The classic small man against the large corporation. It's an all around feel good movie. Worth a watch...5 Hats.

Spider-Man 3 Directed by Sam Raimi Spiderman was my hero of the comic era. When the first came to the big screen, I jumped at the chance to see it. Then I made the theater on Spiderman 2. By the time this one came out, the hubby was suffering and I needed to stay home. Was so happy to see it on Television this weekend! Had a few really stupid parts in there which could have been left of the editors floor. ...3 Hats. Looking forward to number 4!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Directed by Chris Columbus This is about my fifth time to watch this movie. I think it is very impressive for what it is. The trials and tribulations of being a young person and learning what you are capable of is always inspiring. I'd say it is worth a view...5 Hats.


APRIL 2012

Dream House Directed by Jim Sheridan Very interesting twist to the movie. It kept my interest. Watched this when stuck in bed for illness. I'd say it is worth a view...2 Hats.

Safe House Directed by Daniel Espinosa Action packed thriller. For me, it was easy to find the "who done it". That makes me take away a hat. I like it when I can't figure that out. Lots of shooting and fighting. Good guy wins in end...sorta...Was watched during a down episode in bed so my judgement may be blurred...2 Hats

The Conspiracy Directed by Robert Redford Historic view of the injustice the Government can unfold upon the legal system. There were bits of acting that could have been better. All in all, I enjoyed this journey through history...3 Hats

Hot Fuzz Directed by Edgar Wright I love British Comedy and this one did not let me down. The movie was filled with action, mystery and laughs....4 Hats


MARCH 2012

Demons Never Die Directed by Arjun Rose So...Ten minutes into the movie...I was asleep...0.5 Hats for the catchy Title



Woman in Black Directed by James Watkins So, my sister and I ventured to the theater to see this one. Great choice. I really enjoyed the movie. There were many parts in the movie I could have bashed from poor edits. This is something I try to remain clam about...Just one of my things. The movie made me jump in several places and giggle in others. Was interesting to see Daniel Radcliffe play in a different role...3.5 Hats



Zombieland Directed by Ruben Fleischer This was a very funny movie! At first I thought it would just be a stupid slasher film...Surprise! I started laughing within the first eight minutes.  This movie, to me, would fall under a slasher/comedy. Great scenes, funny lines and good soundtrack. Probably not a movie I would have paid to see on the big screen; nor would I have rented it myself. Just happened to have my son over and he brought a couple "zombie" movies.  I'm happy I watched it. Worth it...4.5 Hats

Priest Directed by Scott Charles Stewart You'll come to find out that I lean toward the thriller/suspense types of movies...This one was one I have wanted to see since it came out in 2011. Glad I did not "pay for it". Satellite is providing some free movie channels and this one was on. I enjoyed the make-up artists renditions of the vampire creatures. Acting was not all that good. They left the end open to a sequel...1.5 Hats

Fled Directed by Kevin Hooks What a piece of crap movie. I watched out of respect for Laurence Fishburne and Salma Hayek. I should have known that with a Baldwin in the supporting role, it would suck. Don't bother...0 Hats

Men Who Stare at Goats Directed by Grant Heslov This is not one I would have chosen myself to view; however, am glad I sat through it. There were serious topics discussed in a comical manner. I found myself laughing quite often and would have to say this movie is worth it...3 Hats

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