Blogged Again

Looks like Jeogeot blogged The Happy Hat again!

Must have been around The Shop in July...


Happy Hunting

It never fails to make me smile when The Happy Hat is mentioned on Happy Hunting!

Thank you for promoting the hunts and the hunt gifts. 


We've Been Blogged!

Found this today from Second Life Wolftracks. It is from an older hunt; however, had to share!

I am not sure why it thrills me so much to see The Happy Hat out there...


Two more days...

...to get this item on The Marketplace at it's Hunt Sale Price...

One Hat
One Picture Studio (Sits Four)

This hunt runs from August 7th to August 28th.
Pick yours up NOW at The Marketplace

Enjoy Hunters!



I made it through the week...Barley.
First week of Fall 2016 Semester. I have SIX Video Game Development Courses an done Computer Science Programming Language Course...All ONLINE. 

Along with that Two Zumba® classes (three times a week) and two freakin' committees. For a person who is "staff" and not "faculty"...that is a load my friends. 

I am opening Second Life as an option for Two of the courses. Towards the end of the Semester for the Computer Science, and Twice for the Video Game Development. We'll see how this goes...

If you head over to The Happy Hat and see Rah just standing there staring off in space, she isn't ignoring you, she's probably got her head buried in a class.  Just slap her some Lindens...she'll wake up ;-D



...it needed to be shared. 


Oh Alright...

...Since I gave you a sneak peek yesterday on a future gift...
Here's another...