One Down


Made it through the FIRST TIME PRESENTED, All Day, Applying the Quality Matter's Rubric.

Today will be grading, downloading gradebooks, and preparing to submit Semester Grades in college system. 

In between all this, our new, Kota, will be in training. It is the second training for him. Hope he does OK, as I left "The Hubby" in charge of homework!

I'd also like to get started on the "Fresh Start" hunt gift items. Not sure where I'll be going with this. I keep seeing a specific image in my mind; however, not sure how to create this!


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Semester's End

So, tomorrow is the last day of the Fall Semester. I have one more Face to Face Final and finish up grading the "laggers" in the SEVEN online classes I have. 

I am not going to lie. It has been a tough semester. Spring doesn't look any different. 

The crazy part is I have an ALL DAY WORKSHOP tomorrow (Final during lunch) on Applying the Quality Matter's Rubric to a course. I requested this be the following week. My opinion did not matter...

After this, on Saturday, we take the new Barkie on his second training course. This should prove interesting. He did very well on the first class. We'll see what happens...

Sunday will be laundry and grading...

Monday...College Winter "Party"...

Tuesday, Bowling League Position Rounds/Potluck/Gift Exchange...

Thursday...Wedding Practice (I am officiating)...

Saturday...Dog again, then wedding...

...and it just keeps going...


Just thought I'd share.


The First Noel Marketplace Hunt Gifts...

Two Hats
One Scene(poses created just for this hunt!)

This hunt runs from 
December 7th to December 28th.
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Enjoy Hunters!


Student Time

That’s Rah Rehula and one of her students from the Video Game Theory and Design Principles course she teaches. 

We had a great time riding rides at the amusement park and learning to build objects in the virtual environment. 

Nothing like teaching virtually to present gaming and all of its variances. 

NOTE: Image taken in October (as if you can't tell...).


Feel My Sack (3) Hunt Gifts...

One Silly Santa Hat
One Silly Sack Scene (Pose created just for hunt!)
This hunt runs from 
December 5th to December 31st.
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Enjoy Hunters!


Lectures In-World

I always love when I get the chance to attend an educational lecture in-world. 

Today was one of those days. 

Dean Radin brought his amazing gift to the Second Life Community at AZIRE
Very interesting overview of where Science, Religion, and Magic fall into place. 
I'd say there was about 34 people in attendance of this fascination subject of Psychic Phenomenon.  

Even cooler was the library next to the lecture hall. If you know me at all, you know I love my libraries!