Ten More Days Left....

....For the Let It Snow Hunt 2 Gifts...

☹ One Hat 
☹ One Scene
☹ One Hair (with HUDs)

This hunt runs from January 4th to January 31st.
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Enjoy Hunters!


Eleven More Days...

...For the Vanity Passion Hunt Gifts...

☹ One Hat 
☹ One Vanity (With Attachments)
☹ Two Hair
One Curlers. One "Styled". HUDs.

This hunt runs from January 1st to January 31st.
Pick yours up NOW at The Happy Hat 
Enjoy Hunters!



It seems Rah Rehula had some guests in her home.
This is what is being shown.

Two appeared within the day.
Common place folk Rah had to say.

They sat outside on the couch.
The quiet girl was a bit of a grouch.

The guy in green was pretty funny.
He kept calling Rah "Honey".

We sat for a bit with a chat.
All was well...and that is that. 

Image snapped in Photoshop.
Some filter in Photoshop added.



The Happy Hat

The Happy Hat has been at its new location for a month now.  This is only a hop, skip, jump, and stone throw away from the old.

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Ellie's Tea Garden

Went for a walk about around the "home" neighborhood. Found a little treasure known as Ellie's Tea Garden. 

This is just one view. The place is a small Oasis within a small community of Educators, Creators, and Explorers. 

I hope to venture back soon and grab a few more shots.

Image snapped in Second Life with some weird windlight setting. I believe a Santomi 2017 series one...

A few filters added via Photoshop. Lost count at three...

Tune listened to while editing





...a tune added to a Flickr Post which brings back lots of memories...

Original Flickr Post (https://www.flickr.com/photos/lainaalexandria/46601686861/in/feed)


Education for Kenya Hunt Gifts...

 One Hat 
 One "Add Me" Pile of Books
√ One Pile of Books (One Sit)
√ One Hair (HUDs)

This hunt runs from January 15th to February 28th.
Pick yours up NOW at The Happy Hat 
Enjoy Hunters!


The Happy Hat

Just a Second Life snapshot of The Happy Hat as seen through Strawberry Sing's Gold Windlight Settng...and Rah Rehula's eyes.




Went on a little journey today. One stop was at Rummu. I've been here before; however, was not an "image snapper". Thought I'd head back and give it another try...

The reason for the trip was due to viewing several images of folks I follow. There work is so beautiful, and the place seemed to beckon. I thank each of these persons for adding that beloved TAXI to their post. 

When I teleported over, the place was crowded. Folks everywhere. Kind of cool as I tend to stick to my little "home" where few visitors explore. 

What an amazing build this is.

I found a small pool and sat there awhile panning and zooming around the island. The blues music kept me entertained while I explored. 

Finally, I sat in the tire swing and started looking at Windlight Settings; settling on StrawberrySingh's Gold. The water is set to my own Mirror Setting. Not too bad for a hick in rural Arid'Zona. 

This is the ONLY shot I snapped. In fact, just wasn't feeling the love with the work.  So, off I went to the amazing application, Photoshop. 

The image was cropped. 

Still feeling no love. 

I then added a couple of Lenabem-Anna J.'s (https://www.flickr.com/photos/lenabem-anna/)work to the project. 

This one

And...This one

Set a few Layer settings. Added some paint around the edges, and that "signature" frame.

Now...it's a bit better. Still could use some work...