If you have not seen Rah Rehula lately, she is immersed in building Hunt Gifts, new hats for the Halloween Decor at The Happy Hat, writing her second textbook, and Grading. 

The latter seems to be taking up most of her time lately.

So, if you happen to come across a "live" version of Rah, and she is not responding, she may have her head stuck in Monitor Two...


Hunt Gift Preview...

...from Sarah's Fashion Adventures!

Yes folks. Many of Second Life's Bloggers get the gifts early.
Check out the hunt sites to the right if you are interested in blogging for hunts. 



FIVE years ago, this was created.
It still remains one of the top sellers at The Marketplace...

A fun and funky way to strut your stuff. 

The latest in the Mystic collection.

This boot comes equipped with Masks for Viewer One and an Alpha for Viewer Two (and above).

This one even has the new and improved deletable re-sizer! At L$39, you can't go wrong.

Find this on The Marketplace ONLY!!!

All purchases help Rah Rehula support the Basic Second Life Skills class she teaches for a local Community College.

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