Addicted to Appliers...

...OK. So I am new to this Appliers shit. 

Last week, I had this crazy idea to sign up for an August hunt known as Addicted to Appliers. Thought that since I have made a few skins and clothing appliers...I got this! My thought was for a Sugar Skull Tattoo which both Male and Female could wear.

Ready for downfall....

My art is not as good as I though...PLUS...I have no mesh head to try this on....OH WAIT...I do....
There is so much crap in my inventory, I forgot, I have at least two heads to try...

Yep. Still looks like crap. 

Sorry Men. No applier for you on this one. I'll make you a hat. Maybe I have some shoes stashed in inventory for you. It may not matter at all as I have not been accepted in the hunt as of yet.


This is what I have so far (Skin, Outfit, Heels). 

The outfit is actually a yellow color.
The shot was taken with Naminaeko Windlight Prt 3: Moon Princess 3.



Had to share this. Hopefully, it won't be taken down.
David Bowie was quite the musician and entertainer.



Wow. It is already the 25th of the month. Where the hell did June go?!

I find myself asking this question at the end of each month.

They say that at the ends of our lives, times moves by quickly. Am I at the end of my life?!

Sure hope not. I have so many plans ;-D


Combining Blogs

Yes. I am finally combining all my worlds...well...maybe a few. 

I've had about seven blogs going at once and have decided to incorporate three here. There is one I use for "college" stuff like "best practices" in online teaching. Haven't made up my mind on bringing that one in yet.


Check the pages out.

They will be updated each month so be sure to come back and review them ;-D


Are You Into...

...Computer Science?


Keep It Poppin'...

...is a great way to show your Independence Day spirit.

Keep It Poppin' can be found on The Marketplace.


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Enjoy Hunters!