Blast from the Past...

...In Cyberspace.

Second Life has another journal to read. This one formed from the Bowler Business Review.  As the world changes, so does our little space. The newer, updated venue of the magazine is Sim Street Journal.

Rah was reading the Issue One and found herself mentioned in the article " In-World to Out: Finding Purpose in the Virtual World". Eleanor Medier always makes me sound so smart ;-D

You can also find me in Issue 3 in the article "The Best of Both: Bridges from Virtual to Real".

It's fun to find yourself online...Even if your name is mentioned backwards ;-D


Still Sick...

...Trying to kick the cold.Leaving you with some Donna Summer...


Summer Cold

Image from https://www.top10homeremedies.com/home-remedies/home-remedies-for-a-summer-cold.html

Finally caught a cold; a Summer Cold. It sucks big time. Woke up this morning and my eyes were plastered shut. Worst part is I need to make a Welcome Video for a course to walk students through the Course Navigation. 


Thanks for listening.

Image from https://www.morphemeremedies.com/10-effective-home-remedies-to-treat-summer-cold/ 


Student Project...

  • To Play: "Click to Play"
  • These games work best with Mozilla Firefox as Google Chrome does not play well with Java.
  • Select Play and follow the T.U.T.O.R. for directions to learn a little about the Canvas Learning Management Software


Naked With Chair

Saw a few of these shots for "Naked With Chair" in Flickr. The original chair is from here (https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Love Land/112/79/22).

Because Rah Rehula has not been brave enough to get naked; she went with some real naked folks!

These two skeletons sit arm and arm in the chair, telling us of the naked truth.

Go ahead smile a little. It's OK. 

What really should make you worry is how Rah Rehula is thought of in the third person today...WHAT?!

Image taken is Second Life with -SteffyGhost-Whimsy Light Windlight Setting. 


Next to Hit 1000

The latest to hit 1000 on Flickr
The "famous one" is at a 9633 count as of this writing...



Image from http://bestanimations.com/Holidays/MothersDay/Happy-Mothers-Day-Wishes-Animated-Gifs.html


Bit Strips..

...Back in the day, I used to use Bit Strips a lot. This form of comic was perfect for announcements and silly things. Once they went with Facebook, and an App...all the online design was "locked out". This really sucked, for I used some of the same "toons"; just changes a few lines.

By golly, I received an email with a compressed package of my strips. This is a good thing! Thank you BitStrips. It took you long enough; however, you pulled through.