Back in 2009...

I wrote an email about sending inventory via a website. Placed that on the back burner and completely forgot about it. Now, I'll have to revisit this and see where it stands on the necessity list...

So...I received a notecard stating inventory from a website can be given in-world. What a great thought! 

It turns out to be not that easy! My hopes were to have the New Year Textures available here on the blog for any lucky viewer's pleasure. I'll keep working on this. It would be great to have this opportunity! Wish me luck. 

If anyone has any tips and tricks, please post ;-) Come by and see the new hats and shoes available at the shop. Would love to see you there ;-) 

Anyway...Merry Christmas!



...on a hunt gift.


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Feel My Sack 4.0 Hunt Gifts...

*☆* One Hat
*☆* One Scene

This hunt runs from December 8th to December 29th.
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Enjoy Hunters!


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Graphics were cool on the effects. Music is not my style. Can see how some folks may like. What are your thoughts? Comment below!



It is a time of year where many persons sit and reflect on what they have accomplished throughout the past twelve months. Some folks become cocooned with emotions, which spiral out of control. Their world spinning and skidding into obstacles.

For me, I find myself reviewing my own life. I ask, 

What have you done that was good?
Who have you helped?
What did you do that was a selfless act?

For these three questions, I do have answers; however, I feel should have more. Does this make me a self centered, egotistical person? No. I do not believe I am. Trust me. At one time, my Ego ran the show. That was a time of craziness; darkness. No longer does this part of me stand in front to lead. 

Yes. This passive aggressive soul steps to the forefront on occasion and the old self returns. When this happens, it can be very humorous; however, it can also be very painful. It is a fight for the my Ego to know Love. My Ego is just Fear. I need to let that Ego go and bring Love into the Self.    

So, at this time of the year, ask yourself, "What have you done that was good for someone else?". If you cannot provide any answer here, you may wish to think about your world; your life; your "Self". Do you chose Fear or Love?

Image taken with Santomi's 2017 Moody Horizons
Landscaping by Rah Rehula



Know I have posted before. Just came full circle to me again...