Future Hunt Gifts...

Yep. Another hunt. As stated, I try to keep a minimum of THREE Hunts a month. This is to help me with those creative juices. Sometimes, these wave lengths can just disappear...unexpectedly. 

Most hunts begin a build process before even being accepted. In fact, I've had a few hunts NOT accept my application. These gifts are usually recycled into another hunt package. So don't worry; nothing is ever wasted.

There is also a "Poe Inspired" hunt set to begin with September (Nevermore). See the gifts here (https://www.flickr.com/photos/66620343@N02/42030024555/in/dateposted-public/). 

Last year, gifts were designed for a hunt with the same name. See these gifts here (https://www.flickr.com/photos/66620343@N02/35594886794/in/dateposted-public/).

This latter image is shown to you, as I am not sure if, maybe, in a state of Insomnia, I applied for an older hunt, as I cannot find anything for an October 2018 Quoth of the Raven Hunt. 

If anyone knows of where this hunt information is, or who is organizing this, I'd greatly appreciate a link.

On with the description...

...or does it matter? Does anyone ever read these posts? I may take a cue from TinLiz who posts her Blog's info within Flickr. Maybe, I'll start posting the Flickr into the Blog ;-D

Quoth of the Raven brings to the Hunter a crazy hat; filled with birds, branches, leaves, and mushrooms. This hat holds an eerie, mystical feel.

The Scene, an old, broken wall, holds two poses. Click the wall to stand and chat with the Ravens. Click the bench to start reading The Raven. Click the Raven on the bench to hear Cawing of the birds (Clicks turn On/Off).

That's about it. 
Sure hope there is an actual Quoth of the Raven hunt this year!

Firestorm = Still Crash when the Picture Save in Second Life Viewer is Selected. 
Windlight = purplebluenight.

This Windlight is why the design has a blue feel to it. This is misleading, as the walls are actually in the grey hues ;-D

Photoshop = Glow and Stroke added. 



...Books and Movies Two Pages!


Working On...

...on a Hunt Gift ;-D 

Image taken in Second Life with [TOR] SUNRISE Ultimate! Windlight Setting


Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt 6 Gifts...

 One Hat
 Two Parosels (One Static, One AO)

This hunt runs from July 13th to September 30th.
Pick yours up NOW at The Happy Hat 
Enjoy Hunters!


Friday the 13th...

...has always been a great day for me. Not sure why folks fall into the craziness of the day and number. 

Here are a few sites to explain the History of the day. 

Have a glorious day!

Image from https://cafe4apps.net/13-freaky-facts-about-friday-the-13th/


Meeting Day

A day full of "stuff" from a meeting. 

This is placing a damper on my course building (...and my hat building...shhhhhh)!



I really need to take a break from building Hunt Items and get myself some hats completed!

Have brought in a few newer styles. Still working on making a few changes. We'll see where the time leads. Crazy how all goes well, and then all the sudden life throws curve balls. 

I am experiencing Insomnia again. Must be the weather...

Image from http://www.carlinchiro.com/insomnia/ 


The Cove

Was out dropping a Hunt Hint off, and wound up at this place (Moose Mountain). 

There is a LARGE Men's store here. Looked like quality content. 

What grabbed me was the landscaping. Very beautiful. Serene. 

I could see where the place could also be "hopping" with activity!

Taxi http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moose Mountain/199/106/24 

Second Life Windlight = Awake Fairies

Photoshop = Filter, Stroke, and Shadow added


Another Day...

...Back at work.
Image from https://www.uni-prep.com/online-education/ 
Was on a mini STA-CATION. Was nice. Got a few Mesh builds in, and a few Hunt Gift builds. Happy about that.

Completed Chapter One of the New Textbook for the class I'm Building (2nd one this Summer). It seems as if it is going to be a fun one. At least...I hope ;-D


Thanks for listening.