Where Have All the Bloggers Gone...

...Long time since posting...

I often share the hunt gifts with bloggers to get the word out about The Happy Hat. My little shop is just that...little. Not many people know of it unless they come by for a hunt. 

There is no advertisement as the sales would not justify the cost. 

Even Happy Hunting TV has bypassed the hunt gifts for the last few episodes. I can understand though. All those hunts and all those gifts. It must be a very hard decision to make on which to showcase! I love the ones that are. In fact, have ran to shops after watching to grab my own ;-D

If you are reading this, and you are a Blogger, and you'd like to Blog some of The Happy Hat Hunt Gifts and Products, send Rah Rehula a notecard in-world. It woudl be an honor to have an official Blogger. 

All Hallows Eve Hunt Gifts


Sneak Peek

Of a future Hunt Gift which you will be able to find at The Happy Hat.

Come by The Shop and see what Hunt Gifts are out now...


August 21, 2017

Happy Solar Eclipse Day!

Image from http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/06/total-solar-eclipse-august-how-watch-science/ 


Back on 8/17...

...Rah Rehula became a Ten Year Resident of Second Life. There were no huge parties or celebrations. In fact, only three persons acknowledged this day.  To Nimue Avedon, Josain , and Trowix, I thank you. Your kindness and remembrance means a lot to me. 

It's very funny. I used to have a "friends" list that was 40 plus persons. It is now down to about a dozen folks. Of these, I see three on a fairly regular basis. In the next year, I may just go down to these three. Who knows what the year will bring. 


On my rez day, I took a quick shot of Rah Rehula before I headed off to work, and wrote a three minute rhyme. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. 


The virtual environment sucked me in
In fact, today, I am ten

Life here spins on the cyber gears
In a pixelated world for ten years

I've built a lot of hats
Even a few habitats

The creativity keeps me going
The art I keep showing

What a shame the physical world cannot see
All the simplicity of this society

To be able to have a sunny day
Even when life is in a dismal way

To move about with a teleport
To bring in a product with an import

To sit and watch the waves
To be frightened in a place full of graves

All of this can be found
Right here in computer grounds

The virtual environment sucked me in
In fact, today, I am ten


Computer Science Introduction

Tough Technology

Computer Science Introduction class. 

I have rewritten this class for the college THREE TIMES. The students hated it the first two. So, now, I have created something that I hope they enjoy...It is an INTRO to several components of Computer Science.

The first I bring to them is search engines. Everyone needs to know how to search and find their own answers...

The second topic is HTML5 and CSS. They will build a one page website.

Third, we add to the mix the main ingredients of programming, a little C#, and a little JavaScript. They then add to their webpage with a basic "thing"...

Lastly, I throw into the mix Virtual Environments. Hopefully, a few will take on the Second Life experience...Last semester, I had FIVE takers ;-D



I keep up to date (sort of) with the Movies and Books pages.
If you have not viewed these in awhile...check 'em out!




Today is the first day of the Bowling League. Another year of throwing a ball down a lane. 

This is my third year to play. The first year, I was am alternate who played just as often as the other team players. Last year, I became a regular. My average went from 74 to 106. That's a big difference!


You know where I'll be on Tuesday evenings.