Sneak Peek

...of a future hunt gift...


Next Meeting Day...

...Yep...Another day of fun filled "stuff".

This one is on campus where the water has been SHUT OFF due to a break in the main. 
"Port-a-potties have been placed outside major buildings". 


Still in Module Three of that last class. Will it be completed by Tuesday? Maybe. Maybe not. 

Thanks for listening. 


Convocation Day

That's what they call it now at the college. To me, it's all bullshit. 


Another day down in the week back.

The Semester starts next week and I still have one more class, out of my eight, to complete.

Oh the joys of being higher education...

Don't get me wrong. I love to teach. It is a wonderful thing. If I could just do this, I'd be good. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
You must be on a committee. You must attend assessment day. You must do, do, do, do , and do some more. Oh. You aren't faculty? You are in a Staff role with a teaching included. You get to teach twice as many courses a semester as Faculty. 

That's the Bullshit part. 

Thanks for listening.

Now a random video...


First Day Back...

...from "Stay-Cation".