Knitland by Cica Ghost

Another beauty from Cica Ghost. I wish I had one small piece of her imagination and creativity.

Amazing Art!

I cruised over for a bit of time. Took a lot of snapshots. Nothing, in the stills, could show what an amazing place this is.

I kept looking at the shots, and thinking what I could add via Photoshop, and finally decoded on this image.

The more I looked, the more I decided not to touch. So, here it is. One scene within several scenes...

Please visit this excellent art.
Don't forget to tip Cica. These designs take time.

OH...Be sure to pick up your Knit Ball to wear.



Three Days Left...

...For the Spring Foolery Hunt 4

♥♥♥ One Hat
♥♥♥ One Hat with Hair (Eight Hair HUDs Included!)
♥♥♥ One set of Horns (Hair Base TATTOO Included)
♥♥♥ One Flower Umbrella (Static Pose)
♥♥♥ One Flower Ride (Five Sits, LI=21)

This hunt runs from April 1st to April 18th.
Pick yours up NOW at The Happy Hat 
Enjoy Hunters!



...This animation when removing the bowling ball at Triple *B* cracked me up.

Why you ask? Well, it looks very much like the Physical version of Rah after she has been bowling.

Just saying.


This Bowling Alley popped up in my neighborhood a few weeks ago. The owners came by my little shop and introduced themselves. That in itself is a rarity.

I love watching a new place being built. Every time I login, there is a new addition to the design. In fact, it looks like a dance could happen on the rooftop. I am looking forward to that one ;-D

Now, this little animation when detaching the bowling ball could be a N00B Nightmare. You do need to select that "Stop Animating Me" option...or at least I had to.

Just something silly for you today...

Image snapped in Second Life.
Ripped Up in Snag-It.



Emotionally Constipated...

...Haven't given a shit for days...

Taking a breather at Chilbo's Tai Chi Garden Retreat (maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chilbo/203/236/117)

Image snapped in Second Life
Lenabem-Anna J. Stone Gate Texture added via Photoshop (www.flickr.com/photos/lenabem-anna/39854455800/in/datepos...)