Another Student Game...

...As many of you know, and more now, I teach Video Game Development. Sometimes, a game comes through from a student in the very first class which I feel deserves recognition. This is one of them...

  • To Play: "Click to Play"
  • Sometimes, these games work best with Mozilla Firefox as Google Chrome does not play well with Java.
  • Access the "How to Play" for directions to the game.


Happy Spring

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...For The Love Hunt

✦✧✦ One Hat
✦✧✦ One "Stud Island"
✦✧✦ One Rose (Add Me)
✦✧✦ EXTRA Poseballs

This hunt runs from February 20th to March 20th.
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Enjoy Hunters!


We've Been Blogged!

Check out ShineNation - SL Blog for more great hunt gifts!


Spring Break

My life is so much fun folks.
Check it out...

The Hubby is disabled and in the worse condition ever. Because of this disability, and disdain for games, we do nothing. He does nothing. His day is going from the bed, to the bathroom, to the chair. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Hubby dearly. He has done some things lately which have me questioning our whole relationship, and all that was told to me throughout the years. This had made my heart very heavy.

Then there is the dog. Kota is our Medical Assistant for the Hubby. He has a few issues. We’ve done lots of training for him. One thing we are still working on is his attacking me when I try to help the old guy up. This could become a huge issue. For now though, we have it under control. 


Day One (Saturday - Rain)
  • Deep Clean Bedroom - Floor, Baseboards, Wash ALL BEDDING (includes blankets, comforter, padding), Dust, Vacuum
  • Set Up New Bed (clean sheets and clean bedding)
  • Dust Living Area
  • Clean Dining Table Glass
  • Wipe Down Chandelier
  • Clean Office

Day Two (Sunday- Rain)
  • Clean Master Bathroom - Floor, Baseboard, Shower, Sink, Toilet, Medicine Cabinet
  • Water Plants - Provide Plant Food (this involves a latter to water plants)
  • Made Infused “Butter”
  • Made Cool Builds in Second Life (can’t wait to share)
  • Grocery Store Run

Day Three (Monday - Foggy)
  • Visit Son in Flagstaff (cut short due to hubby not answering phone – Believe this to be on purpose)

Day Four (Tuesday - Partly Cloudy)
  • Deep Vacuum House (remove runners, replace)
  • Graded Assignments in Two Courses (don’t they know it’s Spring Break!)
  • Answered College Emails (don’t they know it’s Spring Break!)
  • Bowling (127, 136, 122)
  • Built Gift for Game Night Hunt in Second Life
  • Watched Oscar (Great Movie! – will be showing in SL soon)

Day Five (Wednesday - Windy)
  • Poop Patrol (clean dog poop)
  • Deep Clean Guest Bathroom (floor, toilet, baseboards)
  • Clean Baseboards (living area, washroom)
  • Clean Dining Table Chairs
  • Dust Living Area (Again – Live in Arid’Zona)
  • Clean Dining Table Glass (Again – Live in Arid’Zona)
  • Wipe Down Chandelier (Again – Live in Arid’Zona)
  • Grocery Store Run

Day Six (Thursday)
  • Taxes (probably cry a lot and have a good drunk)


Day Seven (Friday)
  • Guest Bathroom (clean medicine cabinet)
  • Clean Master Bathroom
  • Start on Master Bedroom Closet
  • Grocery Store Run

To Do

Day Eight (Saturday – St. Patrick’s Day)
  • Continue with Closet
  • Baby Shower for Grand Niece (baby #2)
  • Hopefully Rock - n - Roll Second Life Style

Day Nine (Sunday)
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Clean Bedroom
  • Clean Office


Day Before Tax Day...

...Yep. Tomorrow, we head to the accountant and do our taxes. Am a bit frightened as we received an envelope stating a mistake on last year's taxes which will cost us $2500. That's a chunk of change folks. In fact, based on the outcome tomorrow, my Summer Vacation may be cut short...if not at all...

I asked Jesus Christ to help me to not fixate on the issue and allow me to do whatever must me done. From past experience, I did better; however, I am human. If you are reading this right now, send me a positive vibe that all will be well.

On top of TAX TIME, The Hubby has not been well since January 30th. This is starting to take a toll on me. One day, my body is just going to shutdown. The nerves are shot. In fact, started smoking again. It's been 22 years since I smoked. Crazy folks.

I feel like the world is throwing shit at me at high speeds right now.

Thanks for listening.