Thanks to Brigitta Coral for the walk down Memory Lane.
I had forgotten about a few of these hats ;-D

  Rah Rehula


Feeling Sluggish

Yep. It's Week Six in the Sixteen Week Semester and I am tired. 

Could be the new food intake.
Trying to eat healthier. Become "thinner".

Could be the result of removing my meds.
That's right. The Doc finally said I could remove the Blood Pressure "Beta Blocker" and the HRT.
I danced that day. Been taking those damn pills for many years. Total Hysterectomy (even the cervix) in 2001. That's a long time on hormones...

Oh boy...The night sweats are brutal. I mean, I thought I had them before. NOTHING LIKE THIS. It's like a swimming party in the wee hours. The pool is the body sweat. 

...and grumpy...Lawdy. Be aware folks. Just Saying...


It's been lass than a month so let's try to keep it going.
Please send any positive vibes my way. 



I was up with insomnia this morning and uploaded a few MESH! items. One of these will be going on the Marketplace soon. This one and another I uploaded last month. The latter is a cross with foliage at the bottom. Of course I'll add some textures for these as well.


The one this morning was used for a future Hunt item...


Movies in Second Life

I love going to a good movie. In fact, at the beginning of the month, I went to the big theater to view John Wick Chapter Two. It did not disappoint.

Now, in the wee hours this morning, I was in-world and stopped by one of the cinemas to view Deepwater Horizon.  It was a very well done movie. My hats off the Director and Actors.

I remember the spill when it happened many moons ago. It was a sad day for so many living beings.

Watching the movie and the devastation caused by greed made me cry. On the first explosion, I felt the tears. It was water buckets from then on. Those people who lost their lives because of money is heartbreaking.

If you have not seen this flick, I highly encourage you to go.
Take some tissue.

I hope the Lord, Jesus Christ, provided comfort to those who needed it most.


Blah Blah Blah

It seems life just gets perpetually busier as we go. I remove distractions and classes and more things are added. 

To me, this is the sign of the evils of the world trying to distract me from the Love of Jesus Christ. 

Can't happen folks. 

I've been blessed with seeing the beautiful gifts provided daily and I am truly blessed.

What will happen is that I will begin to remove more and more of the distractions till nothing is left to bother me. For now, I just ask for a calming wave to sway me from becoming even more "Grumpy" than before. 

Come by The Happy Hat and show Rah Rehula some Love. There are LOTS of affordable items ;-D

...and if you know some great beginner Javascript books or links, send them her way!