New Mystic Boot

Yet another in the fast growing collection of the Mystic Boot! Come by and pick this one up quick. You'll love the look.

As always, Rah Rehula tried to keep new inventory in the shop and changes the supplies on a weekly basis. Of course, those regular favorites stay...with minor adjustments.

Rah has also taken a few suggestions from customers and created new lines! Your feedback is valuable. Please continue to let her know what works and what does not.

For those of you who stole some of Rah's products that were transferable...SHAME ON YOU. She did find some of her work in another proprietor's shop. It made the heart heavy.

Please shop at stores that treat you right. My prices are always low to support the "newbies" who have a low Linden accumulation. Those of you who have benefited from these low prices, please remember to drop a few Lindens in the support jar. Times are tough.

Thanks for listening ;-)

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