A fun and funky way to show your style with the Flat Top by Rah Rehula! This is one of Rah's own Sculpt hats she sells at the shop. The hat texture is hers as well! At L$30, you can't go wrong!

Go ahead...Be daring! Create and wear a Hat in Second Life! Kit includes:

* Flat Top Hat Sculpt Texture (Map)
* Flat Top Hat Texture
* Directions

These textures can be used to create your own Hat to sell. The textures CANNOT be duplicated and sold...Something about that DMCA Law...Come by The Happy Hat and see how Rah has used hers!

All sales help assist Rah Rehula in the Second Life Basic Skills (very basic) class she teaches for a community college.

You can find this one on the Marketplace or at The Happy Hat.

Please Rate if you purchase on the Marketplace.

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