I am sure you have heard me say it before. I am busy, busy the next few week, 

In the Physical World, starting "officially" tomorrow, I have SEVEN ONLINE CLASSES. That's SEVEN ONLINE CLASSES. All three credits. This in itself is a lot of work. The kicker here is I opened the courses last week and am already grading!

On top of this, I have two face-to-face courses. These are the beloved Zumba®. Though it is a lot of prep work, it is fun. After I memorize routines, it can become second nature. At least that's my hopes! So far, the mind and body can often forget!

Second Life has me busy as well. Rah Rehula is building hunt gifts galore. On top of this, she is trying to keep her shop inventory new. Each moth, she brings in new hats and shows. This month, she will be changing several on the wall products. If you are wanting one of these, it's best to jump on it NOW.


Thanks for listening. 

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