Been Away

I was out for a few days as the old PC went away and the new came in.

Let's start from the top....

Went back to two monitors. The single 36 inch machine was great for the time I used it. Just got frustrating for some creative aspects I deal with. Went with two, 23 inch models. They are HUGE together compared to the one. Taking me some getting used to...

Next is the Ergotron Stand. Went from Single to Double. I can stand or sit while I work. If you have not seen these, I would encourage you to get one. I have one at work and one at home. Very useful tools. You can find them here (http://www.ergotron.com/).

Next is the machine itself. Let;s start with the 32 GB of Memory. Next is the Solid State Hard Drive to house all applications (893 GB). The Data Hard Drive is a small 5 TerraByte of space...I will have a few years to go before I fill this one up.

The last machine was not a small one. It started with 4GB Memory, which I increased to 8GB after three years. It had a pretty good memory capacity...can't remember now. HEHEHEHEHE


I'll be testing it out here as the days go by.  Want to make sure I can run Photoshop. Illustrator, Unity, Word, and Second Life at the same time without incident. I'll let ya know ;-D

Stay Warm. It's cold out there folks.

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