Paying Recognition.

I have been reading a lot of Second Life Blogs lately and the authors are always so good at paying recognition to the Designers of anything they are wearing, sitting on, visiting, taking pictures, and whatever else happens to be in the "shot".

This is something I need to try to do more often. The creator's In-World are people I admire greatly. In fact, many of my designs come from these awesome folks. In fact, I have modeled several of my own mesh hats from these people. These hats house the same curves, and alignments. 

From today forward, I will do more to become aware of what I am wearing, doing, and seeing.

In this image...

  • Builds (Hats; Picture Studio; Saw Horse) - Rah Rehula; The Happy Hat
  • Hair - Marley, Kuranosuke Kamachi; =DeLa*=
  • Bra (Template) - Lindsey Dion; Lindsey's Botique (no longer available) 
  • Shirt (Template) - Niah Larson; Lillith Mills Couture (LMC)
  • Pants (Template) - Matika Wombat; Matika's

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