To those who get offending with foul language, do not read further. 

You know, I am getting very tired of these little fucks who run around and steal from people.  Really?! Get a life.

I have had my debit card compromised twice now. My husband once.

Now, a letter comes, informing me of a breach of security with an online product I sell natural oils from. These assholes have taken my personal information...including social security. 

This pisses me off. Can you tell?!

I am a hard working person with very little. Yes. I own a home. Guess what?! It has TWO MORTGAGES! 

Yes. I own a car. It's paid for because I bust my ass and receive a check.

Yes. I own a motorcycle. It's paid for because once again...I bust my ass.

Now, I must start taking time out of a very busy schedule and check my identity.

The victim is penalized while the thieves run around smiling. 

Now, these people have smarts. They know how to do things that take talent. Why not use this for good...IN A REAL JOB. 

Large corporations, even the government, pay folks for this talent. 

Stop taking from hard working individuals. Hit up those big wig Mother Fuckers who give nothing to society...The Paris Hilton's of the world. 

Leave me the fuck alone.


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