End of the Month

As May comes to an end, I decided to purchase some more goodies.

Crazy. I know.


Pictured here

Hair - Meli Imako
I really love her stuff. The only issue I have is the TOS she places on her items. If I use them, and only with my own textures,  cannot sell lower than her costs. This hurts me as I sell to new users. The items are NEVER for full perms, or modifiable. That's my only gripe....

Skin - I created from Template from gatinhadopaloma

Clothes - mine. The Shorts and Tee Templates were purchased long ago. I'll try to get the creator names.

The Hands/Gloves - Meli Imako

The Boots - Curio Obscura
I can't get enough of these. Actually cruise to the Virtual Store and play the Gatcha Machine; ONLY L$75! If you have never ventured to this place, do yourself a favor and go.

The last item is not a "resalable" thing. If it were, this outfit would be on The Marketplace today. Of course, with Meli's TOS, I'd have to charge L$500...Her creations are very remarkable though. I can understand her reasoning...

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