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I was so excited to join Zinnia Zauber in the Hue are You? presentation. This event was held in Second Life on April 16th. This event went into great detail on colors, and how these relate to who we are and how we present ourselves to others. 

 I was excited to see each area within the Parcel and was a bit overwhelmed by all the information. I have researched colors and meaning before; however, never quite as in depth as this.


One of the things I found intriguing was the progress with the "books". How wonderful for a person to travel through a place and relate to their own experiences to progress. The Connectivism learning here was amazing! 

Because I enjoy designing and building, the atmosphere here was very creative and inspiring. In fact, I sent Zinnia a hat I had built a few days earlier. She may be receiving many other designs in the future! 

Some challenges I may encounter implementing this would be the fact that most of the students are young gamers. I would need to construct a game to allow a progression into their world. In fact, just did build a Mesh Game Board and a die to bring this interaction into the class. 

My next move is to find what questions/answers to implement into this interactive game. Do I allow teams? Will this be a group project? How will students receive that instant gratification as they do in a game? 

All in all, this was a wonderful event and I am so happy I was able to attend synchronously.

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