So, last night, I was griefed on my own building platform. 

It really pissed me off. 

Here I was, minding my own business, opening packages from the TextureMania 7 Hunt had just completed. When all the sudden, this person starts bumping into me; intentionally moving me to fall off the edge of the build platform.

What the hell?!


I then froze Skydiver (graduatestudent89) before ejecting and banning. After this, she managed to still make my evening miserable by adding a scripted component to have me bounce into infinity...only to land again and do the same. 

Now, I had to look up how to file an Abuse Report. This shows you how often I have had to do this in my almost NINE YEARS of being in Second Life!

For those interested, here is a "How to deal with..."

Because one of the Hunts I participate in as a merchant requested scripts to be allowed for HUD Hunting, I had checked this option for avatars. Well, now it has been removed. Sorry hunters. One asshole has ruined your fun.

Was it really that much fun for this person? What drives a person to be a bully? 


Skydiver (graduatestudent89), whatever your graduate degree, you are not allowed on my small, measly, parcel anymore. 

I hope you had a good laugh at my expense. Know that I believe strongly in Karma. One day, you too will be minding your own business, and BAM! 

Know this may not even be in the virtual environment...A request has been sent out to the Universe. 

Now it's my turn to laugh bitch. 

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