Blast From the Past

This baby was for sale at The Happy Hat SIX YEARS AGO! Even back then Rah was a little weird...

Rah may need to find this one and wear it around for a few days!

Into the 80's now at The Happy Hat!

For the
Bargain Hunter's Paradise, it is ONLY L$15! The 80s were such a blur...Remind yourself of the era in this wild outfit. Included in the package:

♫ Blouse
♫ Gloves
♫ Shorts
♫ Leggings
♫ Socks
♫ Shoes

Rah just had to keep the yellow going this month!
For L$15 you can't go wrong!

By the way...The Leggings are Rah's own sculpt map...as well as the texture used. If you are interested, send an IM in-world.

Have a Happy ;-)

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