A Sponsor at last...

As many of you know, Rah Rehula has been participating in Hunts as a vendor for a few years. In fact, one of her first hunts was back in 2009. Since then, she has enjoyed the challenge of creating gifts for the many themes.

For the first time ever, Rah Rehula decided it was time for The Happy Hat to be a sponsor of a hunt. Usually, this is something she passes up for the cost does not benefit her. The Happy Hat is so small, that many hunters never come by. If they do, their small L$1 for hunt gifts does nothing for the income.

With that said....

Rah had a small chat with Cheryne Jewell of Miss Jewell's Events and they negotiated a painless process of becoming a sponsor for the up and coming Sweet October Hunt

Thank you so much Chery for the assistance in making Rah's first sponsorship an easy one. 

You are appreciated!

Find Miss Jewell's shop HERE

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