So, tomorrow is the end of the Summer Semester, which I taught THREE ONLINE CLASSES. I'll grade and post final grades by Tuesday of next week.

 Tomorrow is also the start of a THREE WEEK intense Quality Matters course I am taking. This course will allow me to teach others (face-to-face) the Quality Matters components to create quality online courses. 

In teaching this Summer, I was also preparing for the SEVEN...YES...SEVEN online courses for Fall which start in four weeks. Three of these are ready to go. Just need to open them. Two of the three, I wrote my own textbook for.

Three more of these just need a small proofing and Module welcome videos added. Not too strenuous there. 

The last class, I am still writing the follow-up textbook for. Fortunately for me, it is a late start. I may have it completed...

Now, you must remember, along with this, I have two Zumba® classes, and am on a Bowling League. 

This is going to be a tough semester...

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