Marketplace Thieves

It seems the Second Life Marketplace is being inundated with stolen property. It is a very sad thing. I am not sure if it is one person or several. Once one is discovered and comments made, another pops up with the same Full Perm products. I mean blatant, stolen work. They even use the original images! 

I fell victim to one of these persons. Seeing the image, with the creator's name, I purchased an item without looking at the store name. Now I have some useless designs. Stolen. Sad.

The creator's of this art work very hard to bring quality to the in-world experience. This action could cause us to lose some of our favorite designers. It is very sad.

A few years ago, I found one of my works in someone's shop being sold.
It was heartbreaking.
I tried to think positively. Maybe this person loved my work so much, they created a look alike. It still did not help. My heart was sorrowful that we have bad people who steal.

So, be careful out there shopping. Maybe go directly to your favorite shop. If possible, just head to their stores in-world. Don't encourage thieves. 

I hope if I ever sell something I purchased from a thief (without knowing it was stolen), that someone sends me a message telling me I am doing so. That product will be immediately taken down.


Thanks for listening.

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