Future Hunt Gift...

Remember yesterday's blog?

Rah spoke of the Halloween Decor for The Shop?

Well, along with Better Gnomes and Cauldrons (In-World or Marketplace), Rah headed over to Bad Katz (In-World or Marketplace) and picked a few more goodies.

She then dove into her box of particle scripts, pulling out one which was created by Drake Faudeburgh using the Easy FX Particle Generator. I found this at The Particle Station (Marketplace).

Back to the script.

I tweaked it here and there to produce a bubbling mixture and then put all the pieces together to create the Twisted Tale Hunt Scene gift. For this scene, which was to be inspired by "something related to Fairy Tales or something that fits the Halloween Spirit. You can even inspire yourself in fairy tales, super heroes, maskerade, halloween, gothic items, witches, black magic, white magic, villains, ...", I have decided to write my own tale. 

Yes folks. She writes. Along with all the other stuff Rah does, she writes freaky stories. Most of these come out of dreams...or should I say nightmares...she has. If you peruse the blog, you may come up with one she even reads aloud to listeners. 


Come by and Support The Happy Hat (In-World or Marketplace)...and here's that sneak peek...

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