Still Emotional...

As you know by now, we lost Marley on October 26th. It has been a roller coaster of emotions. I miss him so. The silly boy was with us for six years and became such a huge part of our lives. His big heart lead him to be The Hubby's Medical Assistant. They were attached 24/7. 

Because of this, The Hubby became very depressed and started to deteriorate in mind and health. I knew I had to find another rescue for him to work with. My heart lead me to the Humane Society, where I found Kota. When Kota met The Hubby, they instantly bonded.

He needs a great amount of work and cannot instantly become the Medical Assistant; however, he is here, and The Hubby is already feeling better...

Here's to another rescue!
Here's to Marley, who has now passed over the Rainbow Bridge!
I miss You Boy. 

Kota...Better Pics to come...

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