Been Away...

Missed a few day there.

Been having some computer issues. It really sucks when you have access to THREE computers in your home and all three have a problem.

Mother Fuckers

The Big Bad Boy caught a bug and I had to shut it down for a bot. Will probably have to reinstall the operating system and start fresh. This always takes awhile and then takes longer to find serial numbers of applications. I usually wind up "purchasing" them again.

The Mac went back to the login screen which I had switched. Could not login into it for three days. Finally got it up and moving; however, hard to use since it's all backwards. I've been on a PC too long!

Then there is the college laptop. Guess which key in not operable...The ALT key. Kinda need that in all the programs I work with.

What's a girl to do?

This girl got a little tipsy and just ordered another gaming laptop from NewEgg on Cyber Monday.  It will probably get here at the same time the Big Bad Boy is up and running. Not sure how I am going to pay for this...Women should not shop with credit cards while under the influence!

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