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A fun and funky way to show your sympathy in Second Life.

Rah Rehula created this for a Memorial to her Beloved Marley. 
You can view the product on The Happy Hat Parcel. 
Check the NW Corner, under the two fir trees.

This package, which includes,

⌂⌂⌂ One "Plain" 
⌂⌂⌂ One "Faces" 
The Black edges can also be different textures/colors

is set as the same cost it took Rah Rehula to upload into the virtual environment.

This Rest In Peace is for you to create your own designs.

These designs must not be sold as full perms. 
You can only sell with the combinations of 
No Modify, No Copy, Transfer 
No Modify, Copy, No Transfer 
Modify, No Copy, No Transfer

This Mesh Object has a Land Impact of 2 as is.

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