The Small Room...


The Small Room
A fun and funky way to show your stuff in Second Life

This package, which includes,

⌂⌂⌂ One "As Is" Small Room 
⌂⌂⌂ One "Textured" Small Room 
⌂⌂⌂ FOUR Textures 

is set as the same cost it took Rah Rehula to upload into the virtual environment.

This Small Room is for you to create your own designs. The textures are there for your use in this, or any other masterpiece.

These designs must not be sold as full perms. 
You can only sell with the combinations of 
No Modify, No Copy, Transfer 
No Modify, Copy, No Transfer 
Modify, No Copy, No Transfer

Rah Rehula is still figuring out this Mesh and Physics. 
The Small Room (Convexed Hull) is the Mesh as it was uploaded into Second Life (LI2).

Left like this, you cannot enter the room.

You can change the "Physics Shape Type" under the Features Tab to "Prim" for perfect results; however, you will have an object of LI46!

The Small Room Textured is only LI1.

This is created by linking the Small Room to a Prim, with its transparency set to 100. The Small Room is the Child of the Prim, and has a "Physics Shape Type" of "None". This leaves the walls "phantom" and you will walk through them.

You must choose the best option that works for you.

Rah Rehula will eventually "get" this Physics ;-D

There are no refunds. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

I love getting feedback on the products. It helps me to become a better creator and challenges me to bring more to the Second Life Community...as well as to my class.

Be sure to join The Happy Hat Group! Just search for us and join. It's FREE.

Be happy ;-) 
Rah Rehula

Please tell your friends about the shop!

Thank you again for supporting The Happy Hat!

Thank you for your purchase from The Happy Hat. Each sale helps Rah pay for the community college course she teaches on Game Theory and Design Principles which incorporates Second Life.

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