Blue Patches...

Thank you for your purchase from The Happy Hat.

Each sale helps Rah financially with the community college courses she teaches on Game Theory/Design Principles and Computer Programming which incorporate Second Life.

This Cap comes with NO RESIZER. If you have purchased the Cap and wish for one, send Rah Rehula the purchase information and a request for a Cap with a resizer, and you will be rewarded with one ;-D

A fun and funky way to celebrate the holiday.

This package includes the Blue Patches Cap as well as the hair!

Who can't resist a cute Cap...

This Cap does not come with a resizer. If you wish for one, please contact Rah Rehula with your Purchase Information and she will accommodate you.

There are no refunds. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Rah Rehula.

I love getting feedback on the products. It helps me to become a better creator and challenges me to bring more to the Second Life Community...as well as to my class.

Be sure to join The Happy Hat Group! Just search for us and join. It's FREE.

Be happy ;-)

Please tell your friends about the shop!

Thank you again for supporting The Happy Hat!

Please Rate...Does anyone ever do this anymore?

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