This Year's Reflections

As I sit on the wee hours trying to remember what I did this past year...

1. Distractions
As with last year, I am still working on this one. This is easier said than done...
For example.
In Second Life, adding a hunt prim to The Happy Hat. Can't remember if picture was added to Flickr. Head into Flickr. Start reading comments and descriptions on other's images. This leads me to their blog. Their blog leads me to another...This to another...and so the rabbit hole is becoming deeper. Next thing you know, you are once again in that weird area of YouTube...

2. Employment
Have reconstructed the Video Game Development Curriculum and am now rebuilding a few courses. This is not a one day thing. It takes weeks and HOURS of time to develop a Quality Online course...
I've also taken on a Programming Language course from the Computer Science area. This one too was rebuilt...and I had to learn the topic (still am learning...).
I always said I could teach anything ;-D
With the courses, I have incorporated Second Life into the mix of two of them. I think it went well. The students seemed to have fun with it.

3. Quality Matters®
Have completed three reviews for Quality Matters® and have been certified to teach the Face to Face Applying the Quality Matter's Rubric. I even did a workshop this year, and have one scheduled for next year.
My hopes are to have a Video Game Development course run through the QM process and receive a stamp of approval. Now, there's a goal for the new year!

4. Continue with Zumba®
...My mellow side...
Worked on a few new routines, and have several more on the list for this next year...
One of the suburbs has requested an evening class. Getting popular these days...

5. The Happy Hat
I've worked hard on blogging more for The Happy Hat Blog, bringing more "stuff" into the shop. This has included new Mesh Designs I worked on.
The shop "look" still changes monthly. Someday, I'll find something that feels right and will leave it for more than a month!
We'll See...

6. The Dogs
As you know, we lost our beloved Marley this year.
Kota is a whole new kind of dog. One I have never experienced. We are unsure as to what his past life was about (4.5 years before we brought him home). He was twice surrendered and seems to have a great deal of trust issues. We are working with him in training and learning how to train ourselves to deal with this.
HUGE PLUS...He has started to play. I was really worried about this part.

7. Home
This is what I wrote last year...

"I place this one last; however, it is always first...
My husband is not getting better. This was one of our toughest years in the wellness department. It has been a long year for this one. We continue to hope things will change. They may...and they more than likely will not. We should really look at this. Today, he will put on a brave face and take me to a New Year's Eve early dinner. The place is a surprise. Interesting. We will then come home and drink champagne and celebrate the New Year. Same thing every year. I go outside and cheer as the neighbors shoot of fireworks. The hubby bitches about the noise and the possibility of fire. Our beautiful, medical assistant, 50 pound Scotty, will hide somewhere.
Maybe the son will come by or call...
I Love My Family."

I think this year we will miss out on the dinner as Rod is even worse with the health. It saddens me that I canot fix this. He even believes this was his last Christmas to celebrate. I think he's tired.
Also, Marley will no longer need to hide. What a loss. I tear up as I write this. He is missed. Maybe he waits for Rod.
We have no idea how Kota will react to the fireworks.
The Son is in Northern Arizona so we will not see him.
Have several bottles of champagne. Might be drinking on my own.
This may prove to be an interesting evening...

For 2017, I hope to write more creative stories. Did a few rhymes this past year. It felt good to write. Just my fingers hurt. Maybe I should set up the microphone to type as I speak...Oh...There's a goal! Make Life Easier...

Happy New Year to all of you...all three of you ;-D
Thank you for listening.

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