Top Sellers...

The top selling items of The Marketplace.
It is interesting that some of my favorite builds are not even close to the list.
This just proves that we all have different tastes.

Of course, our number one is The Happy Hat Halloween Sneaker Skates. With 1251 in sales, this one will be hard to beat. 

Bumping four slots to come in second is Black Friday! With 321 sales, we have a new item in the top five ;-D

Third place is Black & White (Two). Still holding its ground in the top five with 242 in sales.

Fourth Place is The Island. This little goody started as a Marketplace Hunt Item. This one is up to 213 in sales.

Fifth place, holding with 206 sales is The Halloween Boot. This one actually surprises me, as there are so many more "newer" boots and heels to choose from. Oh well...

...and in Sixth place (honorable mention - at 174 sales), is Patriotic Ride!
I am so happy to see something fun in the list. 

Can't wait to see the Fart Fog make the list. It is at a whopping 45 in sales.
Come on! Let's make it a top Five!
I love this one ;-D

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