Feeling Sluggish

Yep. It's Week Six in the Sixteen Week Semester and I am tired. 

Could be the new food intake.
Trying to eat healthier. Become "thinner".

Could be the result of removing my meds.
That's right. The Doc finally said I could remove the Blood Pressure "Beta Blocker" and the HRT.
I danced that day. Been taking those damn pills for many years. Total Hysterectomy (even the cervix) in 2001. That's a long time on hormones...

Oh boy...The night sweats are brutal. I mean, I thought I had them before. NOTHING LIKE THIS. It's like a swimming party in the wee hours. The pool is the body sweat. 

...and grumpy...Lawdy. Be aware folks. Just Saying...


It's been lass than a month so let's try to keep it going.
Please send any positive vibes my way. 

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