Movies in Second Life

I love going to a good movie. In fact, at the beginning of the month, I went to the big theater to view John Wick Chapter Two. It did not disappoint.

Now, in the wee hours this morning, I was in-world and stopped by one of the cinemas to view Deepwater Horizon.  It was a very well done movie. My hats off the Director and Actors.

I remember the spill when it happened many moons ago. It was a sad day for so many living beings.

Watching the movie and the devastation caused by greed made me cry. On the first explosion, I felt the tears. It was water buckets from then on. Those people who lost their lives because of money is heartbreaking.

If you have not seen this flick, I highly encourage you to go.
Take some tissue.

I hope the Lord, Jesus Christ, provided comfort to those who needed it most.

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