Designing for Men.

Rah Rehula just had Epicurus Ewing at her shop. He was searching for hunt items. When I thanked him for his support of The Happy Hat, we started chatting. Through this communication, it came to fruition that The Happy Hat designs are predominately female. Now this makes sense since Rah Rehula is female. It is just easier that way to design. 

This brought to me a challenge...and you know how I like a challenge...To make more male related hats in the hunts. Maybe one female, one male. To me, most of the hats could be worn by both; however, a conscious effort will be made from here on out. 

What do men like? Plain hats? Tophats? Rock hats?
This is my next form of research ;-D

NOTE: Hunt gifts are completed up to JUNE! Males may not see a result until then ;-D

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