As many of you know, and more now, I am employed in Higher Education. We are at the end of the Spring Semester (one and a half weeks left). This is a super busy time. Mostly the students who were not paying attention in the beginning or failing to test their games through each step. 

What keep running through my head is that small line within The Cabin in the Woods..."Help Me. Help Me. Help Me."


Been very busy.

I just wanted to take a short time and share with you some things I saw on the Freeway and Highway in the past three days. People freakin' amaze me!

So, my friend and I are on our way to the Women's Expo in Phoenix. We're cruisin' about 85 MPH on I17, when we pass this vehicle doing about 80 MPH. This bitch is holding a hand held mirror in her left hand on the steering wheel and Using her right to put on mascara! I kid you not! At 80 MPH!

The next thing is in a small sports car. Very foreign...Never saw one before...and I am a muscle/sports car freak. This was the smallest sports car I have ever seen. It was swerving over the lines. So we, wanting to stay safe, blew by this guy. I kid you not. This old man had his sunglasses on and his head slumped. I think he was nodding out...at 80 MPH on I51! 

Now the kicker was this morning...on my way to work on HWY89A. The highway patrol had a guy pulled over and he was initiating a sobriety test...at 9:00 AM! What the hell people?!

There are some crazy ass, mother fuckers out there. Lord Jesus, help us.

Found at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/124974958389125787/?lp=true 

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