Addicted to Appliers...

...OK. So I am new to this Appliers shit. 

Last week, I had this crazy idea to sign up for an August hunt known as Addicted to Appliers. Thought that since I have made a few skins and clothing appliers...I got this! My idea was for a Sugar Skull Tattoo which both Male and Female could wear.

Ready for downfall....

My art is not as good as I thought...PLUS...I have no mesh head to try this on....OH WAIT...I do....

There is so much crap in my inventory, I forgot, I have at least two heads to try...

Yep. Still looks like crap. 

Sorry Men. No applier for you on this one. I'll make you a hat. Maybe I have some shoes stashed in inventory for you. It may not matter at all as I have not been accepted in the hunt as of yet.


This is what I have so far (Skin, Outfit, Heels). 

The outfit is actually a yellow color.
The shot was taken with Naminaeko Windlight Prt 3: Moon Princess 3.

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