As I sit hear listening to the rumble of the Thunder, I think to myself, what have I really done today?

Work. Yes. I worked. Finished putting together another class for Fall. It still needs proofing. My hopes are that one class with be cancelled and that instructor can teach this one. Crazy. I know. 

Teaching is truly a joy for me. The college has just sucked that joy out of me. The Joy Suckers. 

Because I teach so many classes a semester, it becomes a burden. I am considered Full Time Staff and teach almost twice as much as a Full time Faculty. Along with this, I do all those things that Faculty do...Am on a Committee. Attend Meetings. On top of that, the Program Director stuff is added. Scheduling. Adjuncts. Program Review. Rewriting Outcomes, Rewriting Courses. Etc.

It seems I am doing about three jobs there. Then, add my personal world. 

Holy Shit. 

I think I'm burned out today.

It will be better tomorrow.

Thanks for listening. 

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