*** ~~~ ***

It seems Rah Rehula had some guests in her home.
This is what is being shown.

Two appeared within the day.
Common place folk Rah had to say.

They sat outside on the couch.
The quiet girl was a bit of a grouch.

The guy in green was pretty funny.
He kept calling Rah "Honey".

We sat for a bit with a chat.
All was well...and that is that. 

Image snapped in Photoshop.
Some filter in Photoshop added.


Poem by Rah Rehula
Images snapped in Second Life with Editing in Photoshop

*** ~~~ ***
Christmas Eve 

Christmas Eve and all about
Not a person whispered; not even a shout.

Rah grew weary of building for hunts. It all hit her at once.

She settled down for a little shut eye, down near the old water supply.

Dreaming of peace and good will to men. She does this time and again.

A noise from near she heard and awoke. That damn frog and hid F-ing croak. 

Tonight will be a specialty dish; frog legs and whatever else you wish.

Christmas Eve and all about
Not a person whispered; not even a shout.

Poem by Rah
Image snapped in Second Life.

Filter added via PhotoShop.

*** ~~~ ***

Today I found my heart
It was where it has always been from the start
It crept out without cuing
I may have had a slight part in the doing
The situation could have been dim
But I took the reins and lit the light within 

*** ~~~ ***

I can remember as a child
How it felt to be free
It’s been many years since I was there
But I am still me
Life moves on as I stand still
Even though I seem motionless
Days continue like the spinning of the wheel
I touch the new day with softness
It seems so fragile
The child in me returns
I hope it will be here for awhile
All the memories unwind
Spinning thoughts move in and out
A new innocence is what I find
The days continue to come
As I move with the flow
The child in me is free once again
This is what I know

*** ~~~ ***

There is a girl named Ruth
She always believed in the Truth
Down a path she did move
Finding her own groove
It is a new journey she now will walk
...Many doors she will unlock
There may be a twist and turn
This is only how she'll learn
Follow your own she says to you
To your own self be true

*** ~~~ ***

The Night Comes
Dreaming Begins

*** ~~~ ***

Oh...Mirror, mirror on the door.
Will I move with grace for sure?
Only time will tell the truth.
Indeed, that is the word from Ruth.

*** ~~~ ***

The wind blew across my face
It whispered it's cause
To you my friend we'll dance
In a world made of fog
I cannot see you I cried
Spinning with the wind
It whispered to me
I can see you my friend
I began to smile
And raise my arms high
We danced in delight
My friend and I

*** ~~~ ***

Woke up at Two
Couldn't sleep a wink
Reading Facebook posts
With a little water to drink
Came across one
That spoke of a Haunt
Not sure what to think
It's not something I would want
Then I realized
I was not alone
For with me now
Is a ghost of my own


Today I was brought a ball
Play with me I hear Marley call
We ran outside and fresh air we breathed
Today will be good, the blues are freed...


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