Everybody wants a handout.

I am always surprised by random IMs from strangers asking for Lindens. Lately, they ask me for items in my inventory which I purchased and rated on The Marketplace

The latest was for a full perm Cardigan Outfit set I purchased from Meli Imako. This person said they were trying to start a business and needed help from me with an object I had in my inventory. Me...Thinking it is one of my creations, asks what object...


I explained I could not do this transfer as it woudl violate all TOS and DMCA laws. My suggestion was for him to contact the creator and ask then for their work.

This isn't the first time someone has asked this. In fact, because I rate my purchases, I get asked this A LOT. It's amazing that folks have the audacity to do this. I would never!

You know. I have even had avatars show up at the The Happy Hat and grumble because I did not give them something. REALLY? You will usually receive a free gift from Rah when a conversation, a real one, is struck up. 


Think about what you are asking...and saying.

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