The World

So, if you scroll down and look on the right, I added a small globe to see who views this blog and from where.

This was added last year in October. On the new year, I had 413 views since that specific date. This one was wiped clean for the year to see what happens in 2017.

As you know, or may not, I had a goal in 2016 to post more on this blog. My personal goal was to post no less than 20 days a month. This was almost achieved folks! Only three months failed to have that 20...THREE! These three has 16, 17, and 19 posts. Not bad for a poor, white girl ;-D

If you are one of the ones reading this, please share the post and make this lady get excited about writing again. In fact, each time the cycle hits a hundred (100, 200, 300, etc), I will write a short tale. The topic depends upon the mood; however, you are more than happy to shoot me a title to use, or a word to use, or an image to use to write this tale.

Come on. Get involved. Let's make this an interactive blog.
Think of the possibilities!

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