...MESH Body Purchase.

I have been debating about these Mesh Bodies. Back and Forth the pendulum swings. 

It was not long ago that I purchased my first Mesh Feet (SLINK). This was more to design shoes and test shoes. It was so much fun, I wound up purchasing the High, Mid, and Flat versions. For those who know me, spending that many lindens on something is crazy!

So, in the meantime, I started following a couple of sisters and their Flickr/Blogs (TinLiz, What a Beautiful Mess! and Gillian Galacia Gillian's Island). Their images are always very well done. What is really cool is they list everything they wear, sit on, stand on, and even the parcel they inhabit. Always a Mesh Head, Body, Hands, and Feet...

This got me to really start looking at my old, tired, Rah Rehula. Her shape is very small compared to so many, and I've grown very fond of it. However, once again, the testing of clothing became more and more pronounced. I needed to know if all those system generated clothes would work on mesh bodies. So off to read all the comments and ratings she went.

What she found was Tonic. She purchased a Beta Version along with an Omega System Dev Kit and she was off. In fact, hours later, she purchased the  Tonic Fine Beauty for freakin' L$2000! That's a lot of Lindens for Rah...

I am very happy so far with the purchase. The first outfit has been created via system generated clothes. The Slink High Heels fit perfect with the Tonic High Feet. Am just trying to adjust some of the skin templates as they do not fit exactly with the feet and hands...Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. 

That and the damn neck line. No wonder Chokers are back in Second Life (Note Rah's Pearls). 

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