Fitbit Free

We know. Fitbit is the thing. Have you taken your 10,000 steps today?

Gotta tell ya folks, I wore a Fitbit One hooked to my underwear for several YEARS. One day, at an auction, I decided to bid on a "new and improved" Fitbit. When I got this one home (yes, I won), I found it had been used. The battery would not stay charged. There were other malfunctions from use. 

Being I am a researcher, this is where I went. Upon research, I found that this particular Fitbit, as well as some other ones, has glitches and fails. Not good folks. You want to market something, it best work.


Based on this, I removed both dongles from my PC and uninstalled all Fitbit Apps. I have been Fitbit Free for two months now. It actually feel wonderful. One less thing to "worry about". If you are a user of a tracking device, par a house arrest, I highly suggest a removal. Free yourself. You know you take those steps daily. No device needs to tell you...

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